Restoring the balance of power™

Affordable Solar Roofs has evolved into Simmitri, a Silicon Valley Company with an approach to energy management that is unique to the entire industry.

Simmitri's mission is to "restore the balance of power" by shifting energy control from the utilities and BIG SOLAR to the individual, while providing every customer with clean power, designed and installed the way it should be done: with efficiency, comfort, health, safety and cost effectiveness.



Simmitri approaches Energy Management holistically. For health, safety, and comfort reasons, we do not simply look at an electric bill. Our building performance analysts will evaluate the “whole home” and recommend improvements, before installing solar.


At Simmitri, we are committed to doing solar the way it should be done. We first evaluate the cause of a high energy bill. Once we have addressed any inefficiencies, we design the most appropriately sized & cost effective solar system possible.

Energy Storage

Because of our commitment to cutting-edge technology, we are uniquely positioned to provide energy storage solutions that few others, if any, can deliver. Simmitri also provides Off-Grid solutions - resulting in complete independence from the utility company.

Roof Systems

As industry leaders, we offer advanced roof systems that come with the best warranties available. Our vast knowledge of the “roof” enables us to effectively analyze and improve efficiencies - turning the roof into an energy producing asset.

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