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At Simmitri,
We Empower Homes & Businesses In The Bay Area And Beyond Through
Innovative, Comprehensive Solar Solutions And Lifetime-Warrantied, Green Roofing.

How Can We Transform
The Way You Use Energy?

Residential Services

Solar Panel System

Your new ‘Whole Home’ solar panel system will be designed with cost-effectiveness, usage, health, safety, and comfort in mind.


Our Master Elite-certified specialists will install an energy-efficient lifetime roof, coupled with our radiant barrier and venting system.

Battery Storage

A new smart energy storage system ensures you’re ready for outages and able to optimize and manage your overall solar investment.

EV Charging Station

With a cloud-based, cutting-edge, and bidirectional EV charging station, green energy will easily flow between your car and home.

Because you and your home are unique, at Simmitri we’re going to take a holistic approach when designing and installing a custom home-energy solution for you. One that’s personalized around your usage needs, appropriately sized, ultra-efficient, dependable, easily manageable, and sustainable. Whether you want to upgrade your home in phases or all at once, experience what it’s like to work with an innovator, and a long-standing name in the residential solar energy space.

Commercial Services


Our experienced team will design a high-performance roofing system for your building, covered by the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Battery Storage

Turn your solar PV array into a reliable low-cost virtual power plant to replace grid power and free up capital for investment—or your bottom line.

EV Charging Station

Give your customers a way to reduce their energy consumption, while creating secondary revenue through a valuable, premium amenity.

Solar Panel System

After analyzing your company’s energy performance, we’ll design an efficient solar panel system to reduce costs and deliver outstanding ROI.

We also upgrade commercial properties with best-in-class roofing and solar solutions. Together, we can dramatically increase efficiency, extend lifecycle costs on equipment, cut operating and electricity expenses, and build energy independence while Greening your business.

Simmitri app on iPad Simmitri App 2.0 Coming Soon

With The Simmitri App, Our Relationship
Doesn’t End After Installation…

Stay Informed, In The Loop, And Updated As You Go Green

Thanks to our convenient ‘customer success’ mobile application you’ll always know where your project stands. Stay informed every step of the way: onboarding, timelines, milestone updates, documents, etc. And we can maintain our relationship after installation! We can stay in touch, put complete control of electric utilities in your hands, help you monitor usage, and even earn rewards for participating in your local green community.

Corporate Green Energy Consulting

Build Your Brand.
Empower Employees.
Meet CSR/Sustainability Goals.

At Simmitri, we green a business from the inside out; top to bottom – from employee workspaces to their homes. We offer corporate consulting services that create strong financial and long-term resiliency positions while inspiring your employees to get behind your mission and values. Our CSR & sustainability teams provide access to proven foundational transformation roadmaps and community engagement to create fantastic outcomes - a resilient healthier business, with a highly-motivated and productive workforce.

Over 33% of employees work harder when part of socially responsible companies.

30% of those who quit, do so because of a lack of attention to social impact issues.

40% of millennials have chosen a job due to the company’s social impact commitments.

Nearly 30 Years Of Award-Winning
Service In The SF Bay Area

Discover More About What Makes Simmitri Stand Out!
Why We’re Among The Oldest Roofing + Solar Companies in California

We’re committed to large positive impacts on local family life with our residential solar and roofing solutions, as well as the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Through our sustainability and humanitarian programs, our work shifting the balance of power to people like you, as well as our commercial/corporate initiatives, a brighter future is coming into view! Learn more about us via the links below.

Our Mission

To Restore the Balance of Power

Our mission is to Restore the Balance of Power® - shifting reliance away from monopolies and inefficient systems to individuals. We focus on exceptional service and driving value with holistic solutions, designed and implemented the RIGHT way: with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, comfort, health, safety, and sustainability in mind. Our approach and innovative technologies empower customers, employees, and partners to operate from a holistic mindset in all aspects of life, inspiring good stewardship of Earth.



453,000+ Metric Tons

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Transforming, Powering, And Empowering
The Bay Area Since 1995

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