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Energy Efficiency Services

Restoring the Balance of Power
  • Solar Installation

    We do solar the way it should be done. We first evaluate the cause, then design the most appropriately sized & cost effective solar system possible.
  • Energy Storage

    We are uniquely positioned to provide energy storage solutions that few others (if any) can deliver, resulting in complete independence from the utility company.
  • Roof Systems

    Our vast knowledge of the “roof” enables us to effectively analyze and improve efficiencies - turning the roof into an energy producing asset.
  • Simmitri (SIM) Token

    The SIM token is a cryptocurrency incentive that is received in Simmitri's "smartbox" which is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), communicates with all energy-demanding devices and audited through blockchain technology.


Margaret Stodger

Simmitri has cleverly differentiated themselves by offering a comprehensive approach towards energy sustainability for homes. Beyond the cutting edge technology, the sales professionals, roofers, electricians, and engineers were a pleasant group to have working in our home.”

Margaret Stodger satisfied customer
Ignacio Alvarez

“The Simmitri staff provided very detailed information and educated me on all the options available which will benefit me best. The planning was well thought out and optimized the equipment to match my home for maximum efficiency. Highly recommended!”

Ignacio Alvarez satisfied customer
 Adam Travis

"We are now meeting all our energy needs with solar energy, including charging our new electric vehicle, saving hundreds of dollars per month on PG&E and gasoline savings. We are totally satisfied with the outcome and appreciate how they stand behind their work. Thank you Simmitri!"

Adam Travis satisfied customer