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    Receive incentives by producing your own clean energy
    and helping to protect the environment.
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  • Simmitri Licensed Energy Providers
    Technical expertise with providing installation, management,
    engineering services and energy efficiency consultation.
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  • Energy Efficiency Nanogrid
    All products in the nanogrid either supply or demand energy.
    We help discover a solution that is optimized around your lifestyle.
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Simmitri Smarthomes

Increasing Home Performance
Turn your home or business into a self-sustainable asset that becomes optimizes for efficiency over time.

Technology Solutions

Premier Energy Products
Adopt emerging nanogrid technology through the Simmitri Platform in alignment with lifestyle behavior.
Energy solutions for homeowners and businesses to save, sell and earn
while improving building performance within the Simmitri Smart Grid.

Energy Services

Energy Production

Solar, hydrogen cells and other renewables options.

Energy Storage

Capture produced energy or store abundant power.

Energy Efficiency

Solutions to help reduce before you produce.

Energy Distribution

Circuit breaker artificial intelligence

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SimCloud Platform™

Easily manage your energy profile, integrate with 3rd-party energy accounts and receive incentives within the SimCloud Platform™.

With our platform, the data collected will be used to solve a multitude of ancillary services. We use your behavioral data to daisy chain incentives together to include; public benefits, carbon offsets, renewable energy certificates (RECs), rebates and cryptocurrency based on energy conservation and production.

We partner with utility providers, home energy management systems (HEMS), local governments and a variety of energy services to incentivize our community to become energy efficient.

Meet Our Team

We have a growing company of talented engineers, blockchain developers, energy experts and
an overall passion for Smart Grid technology within the Simmitri team.

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