Constantly reinventing ourselves to serve.

As a company who has been around for a long time, we always need to reinvent ourselves to stay relevant and bring innovative technologies and unique methods to traditional business models.

Pamela Garcia

CEO & Founder

A balanced energy approach produces a better balanced budget, as energy efficiency and cost effectiveness go hand in hand. Simmitri helps customers attain lower cost energy improvements before producing energy. We are also unique in this space because we stack a variety of incentives into our platform.
Simmitri and members of our network has the mission to restore a “balance of power” and to continue building on our strong community relationships as we move forward into the 21s​t​ century.

Know Our History

FEB 1995

Started in Roofing and Contruction

Simmitri (originally Affordable Roofing & Solar) began as a family-owned business serving the local community with quality roofing, construction and electrical services.

JUN 2002

Simmtiri adds Solar to Roofing Jobs

As a Master Elite roofer with GAF Material Corporation, it was a natural progression to segway into the California solar market.

NOV 2009

New Office Building in San Jose

As Simmitri continued to grow throught the Central CA market, we added a brand new location to conduct operations from.

DEC 2013

Energy Efficiency Client Services

Over time, it was becoming more efficient to help our customers understand how to reduce before they produce which began a whole new department.

JAN 2018

Revamping the Fuse Box

By 2018, we have installed, repaired and facilitated energy throughout thousands of electrical load panels giving insight to new options.