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A Legacy of Integrity

About Simmitri: Our Story

Simmitri is a customer-centric Silicon Valley company with an approach to energy management that is unique to the entire industry. Since 1995, Simmitri has demonstrated to thousands of satisfied customers, expertise in designing and installing Energy & Roof systems. From high-level corporate oversight to our experienced team of roof system technicians, energy advisers, operations/install personnel, project management professionals, sales consultants, and energy-efficient building performance analysts, we are all passionate about engaging our customers in… Doing solar the way it should be done.

Celebrating our 28th year in business, we are dedicated to providing the very best long-term solutions to our valued customers.

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Simmitri Solar, Roofing, and Smart Homes is a family-owned, local Silicon Valley business proudly serving our diverse community for 28 years with top quality home services.

Our mission is to transform your greatest asset, your home, into the most energy-efficient, resilient, and comfortable resource it can be.

Your dedicated team has an average tenure of 10 years each working with Simmitri, a testament to our commitment to caring for our customers, our community, our company, and each other.




Introducing Jonathan Garcia, Simmitri CEO

Jonathan is the second-generation leader of Simmitri Solar, Roofing, and Smart Homes, carrying on the tradition that started in 1995 by his parents.

He installed his first roof at the age of 17, first solar energy system at 18, and has gone on to earn his B.A. in Environmental Studies & Renewable Energy from San Jose State, master every aspect of the business, and emerge as a leader in the industry.

Twenty-four years later and now as acting CEO, Jonathan earned a scholarship and graduated top of his class from the Stanford Upper Graduate School of Business SLEI program (Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative).

In 2021, Jonathan was named Forbes 2021 Next 1000.

He remains a passionate proponent of sustainable business practices, stewardship of the earth, and is dedicated to restoring the balance of power into the hands of Simmitri’s customers.

When you choose Simmitri you can rest assured you have a leadership team that will work tirelessly for you to deliver quality workmanship and an unsurpassed experience in solar, roofing, and energy efficiency. Jonathan’s personal mission is to help your greatest asset, your home, become the most comfortable and resilient it can be for your family.

At a young age, Jonathan traveled the world looking to understand how he could help people improve their quality of life through his work. The result of this is Simmtri’s Share the Light philanthropy program, focused on helping those less fortunate through the gift of top-quality roofing, solar energy, and energy efficiency/smart home technology.

Jonathan’s Profile Pamela-Garcia



Introducing Pamela Garcia, Simmitri Founder & CFO

Pamela has been the face of the company for 25 years. She remains active in financial and advisory roles. She is the guardian of Simmitri’s culture and has successfully passed her staunch values on to the current leadership team, ensuring each customer receives the royal treatment. Pam continues to honor the company’s core values by operating with the highest ethical and moral codes, putting people and the environment at the top of her list, and always leading with a community-first approach.

Pamela holds a BS degree in Business Administration from La Salle University. Prior to her and her husband Richard starting Simmitri, Pamela worked in vocational education for 15 years; ten of those years she owned and operated her own vocational college in San Jose.

During this time, she served as a volunteer on many accreditation teams across the U.S. and was appointed by California’s past Governor, Pete Wilson, to the California State Job Training Coordinating Council, where she served a 3-year term.

Pamela previously served on the Board of Directors at the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce and remains an active member, also served on the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce, Environmental Committee. She previously chaired South County’s Environmental Excellence Awards Program and had the privilege of awarding several South County Businesses with Sustainability awards. She is the CEO of The Green Design Center, a non-profit, 501 C3 that encourages sustainable living. In 2009, Pamela was proudly awarded the Silicon Valley Women-Owned Business of the Year Award. She has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Silicon Valley as a hands-on construction volunteer worker

She is a member of the Gilroy Rotary. Past chair of Gilroy Rotary’s International Committee, assisting with grant writing ideas for international projects. Celebrating with this committee, a recent grant awarded (2020-2021)to assist a small village in Centro Fuerte, Peru, Amazon jungle with clean drinking water and an improved school site for local children and teachers.

When not working or volunteering, Pamela’s passion is gardening and landscaping, and has been called the “Queen” of reuse, repurpose, and upcycle. Her favorite book is the Bible. She has been married to her high school sweetheart and co-founder, Richard for 48 years. They have 2 children and12 grandchildren they completely adore.

Pamela’s Profile Jason-Wiswell-Simmitri-COO



Introducing Jason Wiswell, Simmitri’s Chief Operating Officer

Jason is Simmitri’s leader of all operations, which is no small job. He has been with Simmitri since 2014 making the customer experience smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Jason is the gearbox synchronizing our finely tuned machine and is responsible for making sure all projects move forward easily and quickly, customers are kept informed, and all our hard work in the background remains invisible to you.

Jason can easily be described as a customer service guru and works extremely hard to make everyone around him successful. In his own words, “delivering excellence is an ongoing process, so I always make myself available to our customers no matter what day and time it is.”

Jason genuinely cares about our customers and is the Swiss Army knife to the entire operation. He loves sports, music, and has a world-class collection of vinyl records.

Jason’s Profile Dan-Jenkin-Simmitri-Director-of-Business-Development


Executive Vice President

Introducing Dan Jenkin, Simmitri’s Executive Vice President

Dan is responsible for helping the company improve its Customer Success processes, expand into new markets, and continue growing into the most socially responsible business possible through strategic alliances. With a mind geared towards Customer Success, he also focuses heavily on Environment, Sustainability, and Governance as he helps build our team and serve our communities.

Before joining Simmitri, Dan came from two distinct careers: as a translator/interpreter in 5 languages and the other as a 20-year Silicon Valley veteran of startups and software sales, most recently with Zoom.

A dedicated family man and lifetime surfer, Dan holds dear the integrity and protection of the environment which is his playground, the ocean.

Dan’s Profile Lonnie-Cory


Energy Consultant Manager Cole-Nevin-Simmitri-Customer-Success-Manager


Manager, Signature Rain Gutter Division Rachel-Buseman-Simmitri-Accounting-Specialist


Accounting Specialist 1616713738454


Head of Customer Success

Introducing Lonnie Cory, Simmitri’s Energy Consultant Manager

Lonnie takes a different approach to sales: a solution-based, interactive experience that helps you clearly and quickly define what is most important to you and your family. Lonnie simplifies the learning process and prides himself on answering your questions promptly and completely.

More than just your average solar and roofing expert, Lonnie is also a passionate musician. He has played in bands and music festivals for decades and his favorite genres are funk and soul.

Lonnie’s greatest job satisfaction is helping educate his customers on saving money by showing them all the ways Simmitri will improve energy efficiency in their homes.

Lonnie’s Profile

Introducing Cole Nevin, Manager, Signature Rain Gutter Division.

Cole is the first person you meet when you enter the world of Simmitri. As our lead Customer Success Manager, Cole thrives on letting you “hear him smile” as you begin to learn about Simmitri’s excellence in roofing, solar, and smart home services that all add up to the transformation of your home. He loves to help people access great value when it comes to improving their largest asset, their home.

Cole has been with Simmitri since 2008 and plans on a lifetime of serving our communities together. When he’s not enjoying time with his family, Cole is a volunteer firefighter and enjoys reading his favorite book, The Bible.

Cole’s Profile

Introducing Rachel Buseman, Simmitri’s Accounting Specialist

Rachel has been blessed to be a part of the Simmitri team for over 12 years. Her greatest pleasure is in being a part of an organization that puts the interests of customers first and operates with integrity in all areas.

Rachel’s responsibilities include looking after the financial interests of Simmitri, as well as facilitating the many ways in which Simmitri supports our customers with closing out their projects at job completion.

She specifically works with customers in coordinating and filing the Net Energy Metering process with PG&E, expediting roof warranties, and making sure everyone has all the supporting documents they need for tax credit filing on solar energy.
Rachel’s passions are her faith, family, and a love of the outdoors. When time allows, she enjoys hiking with loved ones, whale watching, and stargazing. During quiet times you will find her in front of a fire with a good book. One more thing, she LOVES dogs!

Rachel’s Profile

Viki heads up Customer Success at Simmitri and is the key link between Sales, Operations, and the lifetime customer journey.

At Simmitri we know we stand out by offering unparalleled experiences to our clients, even well after the job is done. Viki works hard to make each customer experience smooth and easy from start to finish.

As Simmitri’s face of client satisfaction, she defines success as, “delighting every customer.”

Viki was born and raised in the Silicon Valley and earned a degree in Psychology and Business Management from Chico State. She has always been passionate about caring for people and the environment. She definitely found the right place to utilize her skills here at Simmitri!

When Viki is not helping customers, she’s hanging out with her husband Phil and dog Riley at the beach, or wine tasting on the Central Coast. She loves traveling, food, music, and spending time with her family and friends.

Viki’s Profile

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Call Now sim banner2 Bernard L. Gilroy

“Very responsive, clean job and stellar communication by everybody across the company. I would recommend to anyone who needs solar or roofing in the Bay Area.”

Bernard L.

Gilroy, CA

“Had an issue where a breaker fried right before thanksgiving (not an install issue, just got an unlucky/bad item).  They talked me through how to turn off the solar, then came out the very next day and replaced the breaker. Got me up and running ASAP for a wonderful thanksgiving…”

Ray H.

San Jose, CA

About Simmitri

Our History


Launched Simmitri customer App 2.0 which adds automatic customer project updates, document and video repository, energy monitoring, customer rewards program and ability to give back and participate in the Share the Light sustainability and humanitarian program. State of California small business contractor certified for public works projects.Jonathan García CEO was named Forbes 2021 Next 1000.Voted Best of Morgan Hill for Solar & RoofingVoted Best of Gilroy for Solar


Appointed Jonathan García CEO and Reinvested in resources to solidify company culture and scaling efforts. Implemented Stanford’s business scaling model. Created and implemented the “Share the Light” humanitarian program. Partnered up with nonprofits to help facilitate action and positive impact. GAF triple excellence award winner. GAF Presidents Club Winner. Enphase Energy Gold vendor certified.


Launches Signature rain Gutter and Metal Works to better serve its roofing clients and to expand its business offerings. Added D24- C60 metal products contractor’s license. GAF triple excellence award winner. GAF Presidents Club Winner.


Launched commercial energy and roofing services division. GAF triple excellence award winner. GAF Presidents Club Winner. BCS Gold Vendor certified for HOA’s.


Developed solar and roofing certification training program for contractors. Launch Simmitri customer communication app 1.0 to provide better customer experiences during and after installations. GAF Presidents Club Winner. GAF triple excellence award winner.


Launched 1st battery storage program and piloted with existing solar customers. Started offering EV charging stations. GAF triple excellence award winner.


Rebranded corporation as Simmitri Inc and launched new brand based on their holistic approach to roofing, solar and energy. Voted best local Solar contractor (Morgan Hill). GAF triple excellence award winner. Moved corporate headquarters to Silicon Valley.


Piloted/tested AC solar panels and Grid tied Smart Battery systems for Sunpower corporation. Voted best local Solar contractor (Morgan Hill). GAF triple excellence award winner.


Created 1st official energy efficiency program and became Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified. Offered Comprehensive Energy Assessments (CEA’s) with energy engineers as an effort to ” Go solar the right way”. This energy efficiency approach maximizes the return on investment of solar while empowering clients to make data driven decisions to increase home comfort and safety. Coined the phrase “Reduce before you Produce”. Voted best local Solar contractor (Morgan Hill). GAF triple excellence award winner.


Featured in Sunset and El decor magazine for solar roofing BIPV installs. Voted best local roofing contractor (Morgan Hill). GAF triple excellence award winner.


Rebranded the company as Affordable Roofing & Solar. Design consulted with Solar roofing manufacturers on best roofing practices for solar products and designed flashing details for BIPV products. Voted best local roofing contractor (Morgan Hill). GAF triple excellence award winner.


1st round of solar installs deployed with roofing customers. Voted best local roofing contractor (Gilroy). GAF triple excellence award winner.


Hired energy specialist, Jonathan Garcia to launch solar energy program. He placed his California state C46 solar contractor’s license with our company. GAF triple excellence award winner.


Worked with major roofing manufacturers to get Low-e reflective insulation approved to install directly under shingles. Voted best local roofing contractor (Gilroy). GAF triple excellence award winner.


Introduced 1st energy efficiency packages (Attic venting, Low-e Skylights, Insulation). GAF triple excellence award winner.


1st to Introduce ESP Low-e reflective insulation to California. Added C2 insulation contracting license. GAF triple excellence award winner.


1st to Introduce ESP Low-e reflective insulation to California. Added C2 insulation contracting license. GAF triple excellence award winner.


Featured in Western Roofing Magazine. GAF triple excellence award winner.


One of the 1st contractors to earn GAF Master Elite Roofer status


Acquired C39 roofing license and founded company (Affordable Roofing) with the mission to professionalize the roofing industry and deliver top in class customer service.

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