Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Energy companies and energy management innovators looking to adopt blockchain technology into their services can acquire Simmitri's professional blockchain and cryptography engineers to serve individual needs. Additionally, we assist companies who are looking to create tokens based on their blockchain platform whereas Simmitri helps navigate the legal, technical and strategic direction in order to best serve you.

Why Choose Us

Simmitri, as a 23-year old company has already established itself as a premier partner in the energy sector and embraces energy startups - including well-established companies - who would like to create a blockchain layer and immediately be plugged into the Simmitri smart grid platform..

Blockchain Assessment

Recieve a blockchain assessment to analyze the utility of the blockchain.

Your Own Cryptocurrency

Option to have a cryptocurrency based on your unique energy services.

Smart Contracts

Execute smart contracts based on the data metrics you provide.

SimCloud Platform

Easily integrate your new tokens into our SimCloud Platform.