A Life-Saving Discovery We Made For A Local Family

A Life-Saving Discovery For This Family

Uncovered During A Comprehensive Energy Assessment

Doing solar the way it should be done is about saving our customers money…but it can also be about improving the environment and saving lives. This story is a perfect example.

Being environmentally conscious, when Mark and Margaret learned they would need a roof replacement, they decided to “Go Solar” simultaneously. And they wanted to complete the entire roof, solar, and energy storage project with one company rather than needing to hire two or three different contractors. Thankfully, because of our amazing work for their neighbors, they knew just who to call. They scheduled a consultation with us and got started.

Once they made the decision to move forward with a high-performance GAF roof system, a top quality rooftop solar array, and battery storage, we kicked things off with our Comprehensive Energy Assessment (CEA). During this inspection, we found a carbon monoxide leak caused by a cracked heat exchanger in their furnace.

Mark and Margaret’s furnace was pumping out upwards of 541 parts per million. At this level, three hours of exposure would be life-threatening! So, we immediately contacted their utility company, had the gas turned off, and within a few days replaced the furnace.

The Importance Of Professional Energy Assessments

Before any solar energy system design begins, our first step is to perform a top-to-bottom professional CEA. During this assessment, a health and safety test is performed on all gas-fired appliances to ensure gas isn’t being released improperly. This test is vital in identifying carbon monoxide produced by appliances.

Your Energy Report & Analysis

What’s nice is that our energy reduction ’Reduce Before You Produce’ approach consistently delivers the most aggressive financial results in the entire industry while ensuring you know EXACTLY what’s happening with your home or business. Our goal is to increase safety while reducing expenses and freeing up cash.

Once we perform a CEA and get a complete handle on how your home manages energy, we do a consumption analysis to give to our experienced building performance experts. These folks specialize in optimizing efficiency.

  • We’re checking for water infiltration.
  • How to improve insulation.
  • Address any duct leakage.
  • Handle HVAC-related issues.
  • Upgrade roofing.
  • Explore Smart Home Solutions.
  • Give you plumbing recommendations.
  • And more!

Comprehensive data allows us to provide the most cost-effective solutions. We utilize “Energy Prospectus”, a proprietary cost-reduction energy modeling software that optimizes your building’s performance and financials.

Spreadsheets and data for Simmitri products

About Simmitri

We’re a customer-centric Silicon Valley company with a unique approach to energy. Since 1995, our team has demonstrated to thousands of satisfied customers our expertise in designing and installing solar power systems, roofing systems, and energy management solutions.

From high-level corporate oversight to our experienced team of roof system technicians, energy advisers, operations/install personnel, project management professionals, sales consultants, customer success staff, and energy-efficient building performance analysts… we’re passionate about engaging our customers in… going green the way it should be done.

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