Planning Tips: Building A Solar-Powered Bay Area Home

Planning Tips For Building A Solar-Powered Bay Area Home

The journey to settling down in your dream home involves plenty of things that demand careful planning such as where to set root in, finding the perfect lot, hiring the right contractor, and other things worth noting. This could already seem like a pretty long list, but have you also considered adding solar power to your Bay Area home?

If you’re thinking of shifting your lifestyle focused on sustainability, installing solar power in your home is highly recommended. Because this is a somewhat complicated process, you need to work with reputable and affordable roofing and solar companies to help install solar-power sources into your home. Besides working with a reliable solar company, here are some things you need to consider if you want to integrate solar energy into your new home. Let’s take a look!

Layout Of Your Land

You’ll be surprised to know that the way your land is shaped would impact the efficiency of your solar panels. If you have land with a steep hill on the northern or eastern side, there is a big chance that the sun won’t hit your solar panels until later in the day. But if you have a flat block or hill on the southern or western side, you can maximize the solar energy fully.

Amount Of Shade In The Area

After considering your land’s layout, the next thing you should notice is if any objects may cast shade on your solar panels. To do this, you can take into account how close your neighbors’ houses are, or if a building may be blocking or shading your roof.

Besides that, you also need to consider vegetation, such as large trees, which could pose a problem for your panels.

Roof Design

North-facing roofs will help you get the most solar. However, if this isn’t an option, a western orientation could be your best option. Besides the direction of your roof, you also want to consider what features you’ll be incorporating on it as well.

Will you be adding satellite dishes, TV aerials, chimneys, shade sails, or awnings? All of those factors need to be considered because you may end up casting shade on your panels and decreasing your panels’ chances of getting the most sun.

Solar Experts

Finally, the best way to incorporate solar energy into your home correctly requires collaboration with your builder and solar energy experts. When your designer and builder consult with solar installation companies like Simmitri, you’ll get to properly plan your home and with solar energy in mind.

With their help, they can help you decide on the best wiring for your home, design options, and orientation that best fits your location and land layout.

To Have A Solar-Powered Home, Your Builder, Designer & Solar Installation Expert Need To Collaborate

A lot of thought is put into planning a solar-powered home. And the best way to maximize your space and the energy of the sun is to design your home specifically for solar power use. This is why it’s crucial to work with people who share the same vision as you. With their help, you’ll get to build a house with sustainability in mind and the proper use of solar energy.

Why Choose Simmitri?

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