Case Study: How Our Passion & Precision Exceeds Expectations

3 Ways We Exceed High Expectations.

Explore The Example Of Mr. Rosenberg’s Solar Project

Project Specifics

  • Location: Berkeley, CA
  • 4.56 kW system
  • 12 Silfab 380’s
  • 12 Enphase IQ7+’s
  • Main Panel Upgrade

In this case study, we’re talking about our experience with Mr. Rosenberg. He’s a methodical man who knew he wanted to upgrade his home and go green with more efficient, cleaner energy, but wasn’t going to settle for just any average solar company.

We exceeded his expectations in three ways:

  1. Putting our passion for this work on full display, as we always do.
  2. Custom designing his solar system based on our professional assessments.
  3. Making the installation phase an easy, accommodating, and friendly experience.

Let’s begin with his short testimonial video.

Now, let’s dig deeper into the three ways we exceeded Mr. Rosenberg’s expectations and went above and beyond to ensure his success.

Having Genuine Passion For Residential Solar

By the time most homeowners reach out to us to ask questions, they’ve already done their fair share of homework – investigating solar companies. Mr. Rosenberg was no exception. And, like many others, he appreciated Our History and how specialized our services are.

I did a lot of research and compared Simmitri with others. What I liked the most was their 25+ years of history.”

He also liked how passionate we were. Everyone here at Simmitri doesn’t just come to work for a paycheck. We thoroughly enjoy being part of the extensive social/environmental transformation, and our positive social impacts are incredible! We’re big nerds for both the work’s specifics as well as the advancement of solar technology.

“They felt like real solar nerds who knew their stuff. They were passionate because they like solar, not just because they’re looking to make money off it… I got the sense from the beginning that there’s a passion for solar energy. It’s not just a product they’re selling.”

In 2008 when we first launched our Solar program (on top of nearly a decade of specialty roofing experience), to say we were excited would be an understatement. We’re not salespeople. We’re not marketers. We’re not a volume-based contractor chasing bucks. We’re specialists that CARE about cleaning up our environment and shifting the balance of power back to the individual and into the communities we serve.

Our Solar Systems Are Custom-Designed, Not Cookie-Cutter

As our state, country, and the world scramble to convert energy systems, many under-qualified, fly-by-night ‘solar companies’ are popping up to try and get rich. In many cases, they’re just salesmen who sell and install major manufacturer cookie-cutter products.
*Tone this down a bit…it’s easy to pop up, sell some products and minimal customer service*

I also appreciated the fact that they’re not a broker. They design and install the solar system themselves.

Yes, we do Mr. Rosenberg – out of modern, cost-efficient, and cutting-edge products! After assessing and inspecting your home and helping you make general improvements before going solar, we custom-design your new energy system from the ground up to exact specifications. This translates into much better, long-lasting results without the hassles, hiccups, and headaches of working kinks out over time.

Getting Solar Done Right, Through A Customer-Centric Process

Here’s what Mr. Rosenberg had to say about the step-by-step process we ease folks through as they upgrade their roofing and energy systems.

Overall, it was a great experience. Everyone there has been very helpful, with wonderful attitudes, and a pleasure to work with. I’d give them a 10 because I trust them, and I fully expect that as the system works, we’ve gotten the product we were promised.”

Trust. We take trust seriously. From how upfront and transparent we are to backing everything we do with facts and structural engineering data, we go the extra yards it takes to ensure our customers are fully informed.

It can be nerve-wracking to get your roof worked on and custom-designed, complex solar technology installed. We make it easy without bombarding you. We make it smooth without being a nuisance. And we consider each detail, so you feel like part of the growing Simmitri family.

Also, I have to add, they cleaned up EVERYTHING. One of my issues with different remodeling crews is they come and almost always leave garbage and debris everywhere when they’re done.”

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