Case Study: How We Handle Pushback From Big Utilities

We’re Used To Handling Big Utility Companies

We Deal With Them, So Our Solar Customers Don’t Have To

Project Specifics

  • Location: Redwood City, CA
  • 6.08 kW system
  • 16 Silfab Panels at 380W’s
  • 16 Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters
  • Main Panel Upgrade (Higher Energy Flow)
  • Everything Finished In One Day!

Here in the greater Bay Area of California, where we work with home and business owners, one of the big headaches (in many cases) when upgrading to a clean energy system…are the major utility companies.

Needless to say, they’re not thrilled with wave upon wave of people choosing to move away from traditional energy into a brighter future with solar. They’re not excited about Simmitri helping to shift the balance of power to individuals and families! We’re used to dealing with it. We go to bat for our customers, and we’re schooled in the art of going through hoops, so you get the perfect system to suit your building and energy needs without any hassles.

Mr. Everett’s project is a perfect example.

Let’s start with his short testimonial video:

Mr. Everett is a former City Manager of Redwood City, so he knows well what can go wrong with these projects. When he signed onto a significant residential solar job with Simmitri, including a main electrical panel upgrade, we expected the utility company to push back. But… we weren’t expecting them to push back as much as they did.

The only bump in the process was dealing with our utility company. Simmitri was beating on them as hard as they could, and from what I hear, they’re just hard to work with. They don’t like all of us putting solar on our roofs!

One thing after another – change this, alter that, do this, do that – and each task requires their approval before checking it off the list. They demanded all these things which at times, in our professional opinion, didn’t need to be done, so we advocated for our client.

I was most impressed with how they pushed the utility company much harder than I thought they would, and I really appreciated that. Simmitri was very accommodating. They also put the panels up for me right away, so I could get the tax credit.

Of course, our sense of consumer advocacy is powerful. It drives us to take the extra steps necessary for you to get the rewards and benefits of going green in a timely fashion. Dealing with the utility company so he could get his tax credit on time was important to exceed his expectations.

Our Team Stayed On Them, Timely Moving The Project Through

Step by step, we didn’t dilly dally or put up with any stalling tactics or nonsense. We knocked off their requests individually and communicated with Mr. Everett throughout the process so he always knew where his project stood.

The customer service, the responses, and the technical expertise I got convinced me that Simmitri knew exactly what they were doing…I was also impressed by the skill of their installation team. They were equally marvelous. I thought they did a wonderful job.

At Simmitri, we all deeply believe in what we do, making these headaches easier to deal with. We’re experts with our eyes fixed squarely on the ball. We employ gifted engineers and technicians. At the end of the day, it’s nice to know you’re dealing with a dynamic company that knows our stuff!

Mr. Everett was so pleased with how we worked with him through challenging circumstances and got results that he decided to return to us when it came time to work on his home’s roof.

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