Case Study: How We Work With Self-Proclaimed Tough Customers

How We Dazzle Detail-Obsessed Customers

Through Specialization, Passion, And A Smooth Process.

Project Specifics

  • Location: Pacific Grove, CA
  • 8.74 kW System
  • 23 Silfab 380’s
  • 23 Enphase IQ7+’s
  • New Silicone Roof Coating
  • Re-Roofing His Older Roof

Transforming your average outdated home into a hyper-connected smart home…can be complex. Adding professional roof work and clean energy systems into the mix makes it a different ballgame from other typical home or business remodeling projects.

We’re used to self-proclaimed ‘tough customers’ looking for the best-of-the-best contractor to handle the finer details involved in roof replacement, custom-designing rooftop-solar, and adding a solar battery setup (with an EV charging station if needed)… then connecting every component so the system can be conveniently monitored and optimized.

Let’s look at one easy example.

We’ll start with his short testimonial video.

Meet Mr. Anderson, a local Bay Area homeowner looking to get both roof work done and a new solar system installed. When we first met with him, he had a TON of concerned and specific questions, which we were happy to take the time and answer.

We walked through the process step by step until he knew exactly what would happen, why, and how long his project would take (he was refreshingly fanatical about setting and meeting deadlines).

And what most impressed Mr. Anderson early on?

The fact we’re both GAF Master Elite roofing specialists AND seasoned residential solar technicians!

One of the strengths of Simmitri is they’re also a roofing company. It was important to me not to have just any’ol solar company climb up on a ladder and start pounding nails through my roof. That’s one of the reasons I feel so strongly about being able to recommend Simmitri wholeheartedly.

Indeed, we were a local roofer for over a decade before we launched our solar energy program in 2008 (you can learn more about our company timeline on the Our History page). This makes upgrading much more convenient, where you can rest easier. Your new roof (or a section of it, improved for the solar panel setup) will work perfectly with your solar system.

Our Customers Focus On Quality & Performance

In our part of the country, many homeowners we work with aren’t too concerned with pricing. They can easily afford to green their homes like Mr. Anderson. Most important to these folks is the VALUE – Quality & Performance over time – of the solar system, roof work, and ongoing energy management they invest in.

And more than that, the quality of the overall process as well.

Simmitri’s commitment to quality stood out from beginning to end. I want to tell all my friends about it because they under-promised, over-delivered, communicated well, and were dedicated to quality throughout the whole process. Not only in the ‘sales part’, but also the installation and followup.

You can learn more about how we do things on our Personalized Customer Experience page, but needless to say, it’s smooth and end-to-end professional. For two excellent reasons:

  1. We’re a bunch of roofing and solar nerds who LOVE our work and our positive impacts on an individual family-by-family level in our community.
  2. We’ve completed thousands of projects over the decades and learned a lot, which shows.

A Transparent, Upfront Experience From Beginning To End

Sure, indeed, home improvement contractors don’t have the best reputation. There are a lot of shady things that go on in such a massive and evolving industry. So, it’s exciting when you meet passionate professionals who really care.

From the moment we first chat on the phone and get together for an initial inspection/assessment through the consultation phase and your project, we strive to be a pleasure to work with.

Then, once your installation and setup are complete, in many ways, our relationship is only just beginning! Through our service department, mobile application, and regular follow-ups by customer success, we do everything possible to help ensure your satisfaction.

Just the fact that Simmitri genuinely sought my feedback post installation speaks highly to their legitimate commitment to quality. They did an outstanding job. If 10 was the highest score, I’d absolutely give them a 10.”

Wrapping Up: Interested? Chat With A Specialist Today