3 Common Misconceptions About Solar Energy

The 3 Common Misconceptions About Solar Energy

Despite the rise in the demand for solar panels as an alternative energy and roofing solution, plenty of homeowners and businesses still doubt whether it’s worth the investment. It can only be due to the array of myths surrounding solar power that convinces people to feel hesitant about getting solar panels installed for their homes and offices.

With an array of benefits solar systems can offer, there are still people who prefer believing in common misconceptions about solar energy. That’s why it’s time to clear out the name of solar panels and let you know the truth!

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3 Common Misconceptions About Solar Energy

Keep reading below to find out some misconceptions about solar energy.

1. A Solar Installation is Expensive

One of the primary reasons why people tend to pass up on a solar installation is because of its cost. If you’re concerned about the significant investment it takes to purchase solar panels, you should know that the money you shell out is worth it in the long run. There are also creative finance options that allow you to install solar at $0 down and put money in your pocket from day one.

Using solar power is an energy management solution that helps reduce your electricity bill and provides savings.

You can even rely on solar tax credits and other incentives to encourage you to get solar panels. If you want to know their initial worth, you can utilize a solar cost calculator to give you a clearer idea of the timeline when you can expect to earn back your money. The average payback is 4-6 years.

2. Solar Energy Only Works In Hot Weather

A huge misunderstanding about solar systems is that many people believe they only work in specific weather conditions. Since they’re harnessing energy from the sun, you might think solar panels only work when the sun is at its peak!

The truth is that you can still get your solar system to work regardless of the climate of where you live—and you can still benefit from the energy you receive. To assure you of the number of hours you can expect to gain adequate sun, you can incorporate a sun-hours map to check.

Moreover, you can optimize your solar system savings by incorporating Smart Home/building technology that is geared towards energy management. A good solar solution is one that incorporates a holistic approach to the entire energy infrastructure of a building.

3. You Need To Clean Your Solar Panels Regularly

Another reason why people don’t want to rely on residential and commercial solar systems is the responsibilities that come along with owning them. People think that solar panels will require in-depth maintenance to ensure they keep operating.

In fact, managing your solar system is not challenging, so long as you have a professional solar contractor to assist you if any issue should ever arise. The majority of maintenance is washing the solar panels one to two times per year, which is an easy task that anyone can do. You can handle your solar panels on your own and initiate the right practices to keep your solar system in good condition.


After debunking some of the myths and misconceptions about solar energy, you might be considering getting solar panels installed on your roof. Knowing the facts about solar systems is essential when it comes to making decisions. While they require an investment, solar power can provide energy-efficient advantages that you can benefit from for the years to come. They can work in whatever climate and don’t require thorough maintenance daily as well!

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