4 Tips To Lower Your Electric Bill In Northern CA

4 Tips To Lower Your Electric Bill In Northern California

Northern California is a strange place when it comes to annual weather conditions. It can have the infamous California heat waves in the summer and get quite cold in certain months. The issue with fluctuations in climate and temperatures is that these put excess stress on a home. While physical damages can occur, the pressing issue many people encounter is the skyrocketing electricity bills to cope with extreme temperature changes. Fortunately, there are a few ways to cut back on energy use and lower your electric bill.

Aside from thermal problems, modern homes are full of new technologies that are more powerful than their predecessors. This extra power means that today’s electricity bills are higher than ever before. The average American household spends about $1,300 annually to keep their appliances running. Knowing how much this adds up to as time goes by, energy conservation is growing in importance for Americans.

How Can You Lower Your Electric Bill?

Below are some ways that you can lower your electric bill and conserve energy. Here are a few of the most popular techniques:

1. Unplug Appliances

Despite appliances being turned off, most can still suck up power slowly, even when dormant. TVs, stereo systems, lights, and kitchen appliances are some of the most popular machines that are always plugged in. Additionally, device chargers can also consume low amounts of energy when kept plugged in.

The quick fix here is just to unplug devices when they aren’t in use. It might seem like a hassle to continuously unplug and plug these back in each time, but the cuts on your electricity bill will make it all worth it. It pays to research the energy consumption of specific appliances, as some might only be of lower voltages, therefore, will not have much of a difference.

2. Invest In A Smart Home

These can be initially costly with smart home products, but their automated features such as auto shut-off and their ease of access via mobile devices can be beneficial. By hooking up your home’s lights, thermostats, and other aspects of the house to run via a smartphone, you gain full access and control even when not at home.

Therefore, when you leave any lights on accidentally, or if the thermostat is at a strange temperature, you’ll know about it and remedy it even while outside. Modern technologies are incredibly useful thanks to the improved quality of life it offers people, with energy conservation being one of them. Additionally, they make life at home more comfortable and convenient, as there are fewer movements when all aspects of the house are accessible via a smartphone.

3. Invest In Proper Roofing Technologies

Roofing is essential in keeping the internal temperatures of a home steady. Energy solutions and roofing solutions work hand in hand, as internal HVAC systems work double-time during scorching and freezing weather. With a high-quality and warrantied roof system in place, temperatures inside your home will be easier to regulate. This regulated temperature will save your home from racking up high energy bills due to HVAC systems working twice as hard to keep a home comfortable.

4. Invest In A Solar Power Supply For Your Home

Residential solar is picking up in today’s world, thanks to technology becoming more accessible and more effective. With the government-provided incentives for those who use residential solar, this proves to be more than just an excellent way to harness unlimited energy from the sun. California has plenty of sunny days, which means that solar solutions will see heavy use, saving plenty of money on electricity bills. These panels can be quite expensive initially, but the end-game savings from unlimited and renewable energy will pay off tenfold.


Saving energy comes from both a macro and micro scale. On the one hand, you have basic lifestyle changes to make, such as unplugging appliances, while the other hand entails investing in modern technologies in order to lower your electric bill. Saving money from electricity bills is best done via shifting to a whole new form of renewable energy, which is much more efficient and effective now more than ever.

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