Why Repair Your Roof Before Installing Solar Panels

Why You Should Repair Your Roof Before You Install Solar Panels

Many homeowners decide to have solar panels installed on their roofs for various reasons. For some, they want to live a greener, more environmentally friendly life. For others, they see the increased cost of energy bills and want to reduce them. Whatever reason you may have in your mind, there is always one significant consideration to make before thinking about installing them: your roof. Your property’s roof is the key to a successful solar panel installation. Ignoring this fact can bring enormous consequences.

With that in mind, we will talk about what role your roof plays during solar panel installation and why you may want to replace or repair your roof before you install solar panels.

The Role Of Your Roof In Solar Panel Installation

When researching all the various solar panel solutions at your disposal, you will generally see one thing in common: none of them talk about your roof. This can cause you to believe that your roof does not matter, that the solar panels themselves count more. This is not the case!

In reality, the roof is just as important as the solar panels themselves. That is because they are responsible for keeping the elements out and keeping your home insulated for a comfortable environment. That means that, even with the best solar panel solution out there, if your home has bad roofing, it will not give you satisfactory results.

In other words, the role of your roof in solar panel installation is just how good the results will be.

Should You Replace Or Repair Your Roof Before You Install Solar Panels?

Asking if you should repair your roof before you install solar panels is an important step when considering a solar investment.

We will not beat around the bush about this. Roof repairs and replacements are a significant investment and the last thing you want to pay for when already dropping a lot of money onto solar panels. However, this is the right thing to do, even if you may have to put off purchasing solar panels for later.

Remember, your roof acts as the foundation of your solar panels. A shaky foundation means anything built on top of that is doomed to failure. In this case, bad roofing will not facilitate energy cost reductions, even with excellent solar panel solutions. For example, when winter arrives, you may be finding yourself cranking up the heat. However, because your roof is in disrepair or is old, all the energy that the solar panel’s been collecting will quickly be drained.

That said, there are benefits to better roofing other than improving insulation to help reduce energy costs. A quality roof improves your curb appeal, increasing its value, and a good roof may even allow you to get away with investing in smaller solar panel solutions to achieve good results!


Your roof plays a big role in how effective your solar panel solution will become, and even what kind of solar panel solution you will need. With a roof that is in good condition, you can invest in more affordable solutions to help you achieve excellent results, whether that is to save money or go greener.

That being said, if you need one more reason to repair your roof before you install solar panels, think of it like this: you will need to fix the roof later on, and doing it now can save you all the trouble of having to do it with the solar panel installed!

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