Simmitri Joins Apple’s 2nd Impact Accelerator

Simmitri Joins Apple’s 2nd Impact Accelerator

On The Cutting Edge Of Eco Services And Global Solutions

Being accepted into Apple’s second Impact Accelerator Program is a HUGE honor for the whole team here at Simmitri. Over the last couple of decades, we’ve kept our eye on the environmental ball (even before it was cool), and working on the next major stage of growth is exciting.

The program will provide training and mentorship to help propel the selected businesses toward the next stage of growth while advancing a shared goal with Apple of creating a greener, more sustainable world.

What Is Apple’s Impact Accelerator?

The program is a mixture of 16 Black-, Hispanic/Latinx-, Woman-, and Indigenous-owned businesses that are part of the environmental movement, providing cutting-edge services and solutions to Green Apple’s global supply chain. As one of California’s most well-established solar+roofing companies (we go back decades), we fit the bill!

  • It’s an intense, in-depth three-month program to define and develop unique Simmitri solutions to forward Apple’s aggressive sustainability goals.
  • Simmitri will get custom training, knowledge, and tools to become an Apple supplier.
  • We’ll work with mentors and experts from Apple to align our business priorities and environmental goals to help their global supply chain ecosystem go green.
  • After the program, Apple chooses which companies to work with to reach carbon neutrality across their entire manufacturing supply chain by 2030.

What an experience! Being able to work with all these innovative and driven companies from across America is truly rewarding and brings with it many important lessons. You can read more about them by checking out the Apple Newsroom Article.

Our Green Solutions Categories

Simmitri log and house

An area where Apple is seeking to make a huge impact is optimizing the energy efficiency of its offices, data centers, and retail stores. We’ve been helping local businesses here in Northern California do just that for a long time and we can also do it for you. Our Commercial Services provide custom high-performance solar systems, battery storage solutions, EV charging, and cutting edge commercial energy management.

On the Corporate Energy side, we’re providing ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) solutions that build more resilient and healthier businesses and multi family sustainable housing. All of this work is important to Apple! They’re looking for companies like Simmitri, who:

  • Design, deliver, and optimize high-efficiency building systems.
  • Have expertise in energy modeling and analysis.
  • Focus on carbon reduction design.
  • Promote innovative energy efficiency educational programs.
  • Provide innovative microgrids, energy storage, community solar, and utility-scale operations and maintenance applications.

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