Factors That Ensure Solar Panels Survive Harsh Weather

3 Factors That Ensure The Survival Of Solar Panels In Harsh Weather

More and more people are coming to the realization that solar power is an underrated, seemingly endless resource. This is why many are considering adding solar panels to their homes. However, one thing that puts them off is not knowing how these solar panels fare in harsh and extreme weather conditions.

Many businesses and homeowners may be interested in having solar panels installed but hesitate because they are unsure if these panels will survive thunderstorms, heavy winds, and other extreme weather. If you have stumbled upon this article for this exact reason, please read on!

What Factors Ensure The Survival Of Solar Panels In Harsh Weather?

Let us discuss what affects the durability of solar panels in harsh weather:

1. Mounting Structure

The million-dollar question is this: Can solar panels survive extreme weather? Many people have the notion that solar panels may not be able to withstand strong winds and rain and will either malfunction or fly off after the first major storm hits. However, this is a wrong notion.

Although there may be some instances where solar panels have fallen off because of harsh winds, the problem was rarely with the panels themselves. Should solar panels come loose because of harsh winds, the cause will be because of the weak structures holding the panels in place. This is why it is important to make sure that roofing and other structures that the solar panels are attached to are sound and strong enough to withstand extreme winds.

Because solar panels rely on the integrity of the surfaces they are mounted to, it’s a good idea to have your property’s roof evaluated by professionals when planning for solar panel installation. Some solar panel installation professionals also specialize in roofing which can help to coordinate with the efforts of converting to a solar power energy solution.

2. Durable Construction

Solar panels are meant to be installed on the exterior of homes. That means that they will inevitably be subject to harsh weather conditions. Their design takes this risk into account.

Solar panels are typically built to be durable enough to withstand any storm or extreme weather conditions they are subjected to. However, it is of equal importance that the wall or roof where the solar panels are attached is stable and strong as well.

3. Manufacturing And Installation Standards

On top of being durable on their own, certain standards make sure that the companies that produce and install solar panels follow specific standards—in terms of construction, distribution, and installation. When these standards are followed by reputable solar installation professionals, it ensures the soundness of your solar panels in harsh weather.


Solar panels are a great way to do good for the environment and to slash off a huge chunk of your power bills in the process. Knowing now that solar panels in harsh weather will not fly off at the first gust of strong wind, you may now be interested in having solar panels installed on your roof. This will prove to be a good decision in the long run.

Whether you want to stop depending on unsustainable sources of electricity or do your part to help limit the pollution in the environment, you can make the right choice by having solar panels installed!

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