4 Benefits Of A Solar-Powered Generator For Your Business

4 Advantages Of Using A Solar-Powered Generator For Your Bay Area Business

Installing solar-powered generators for your office space is a cost-efficient solution to help you cut back on your electricity bills. It’s also a sustainable alternative for saving the environment and making the world a better place for generations to come.

Besides that, applying solar energy for commercial use is a good investment, especially if you want to decrease your expenditures. If you’ve previously considered converting to solar-powered utilities, you might find yourself continually weighing the pros and cons regarding its cost and the money you get to save in the long run.

Benefits Of Using A Solar-Powered Generator For Your Business

If you’re still on the fence about the entire business, then here are a few advantages of using a solar-powered generator for your business:

1. You Acquire More Credits

With commercial solar energy systems, expect to get credit rather than paying for taxes. Thanks to the government’s solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), more business owners are leaning towards ecological solutions by canceling out the costs of partaking in solar solutions.

In fact, the solar ITC equates to a good portion of the money invested during the installation process. Thanks to a recent extension, at present, the tax credit you’ll be getting for putting up a commercial solar generator is at 26 percent, but it is scheduled to decrease to 22 percent by 2023—so it’s better to get one now while you can!

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2. You Receive Money For Excess Energy

The presence of solar generators in your workplace makes way for net energy metering (NEM) [open in new tab], a billing approach that benefits users in numerous ways, depending on the state you’re in. Those who develop energy and transfer back unused electricity can convert it into money based on your retail energy rate.

To make things more convenient, the credits you’re eligible to receive are automatically applied to your monthly electric bill—or they can be used up per month—depending on what you decide to do. You can also be paid for any extra energy you generate, so it’s an efficient method of pulling down the costs of solar systems for your establishment.

3. You Can Decrease Your Spending With Stored Energy

Many businesses are converting to solar-powered generators that make use of battery storage to benefit their monthly energy bills. With large capacity batteries, you have the option of decreasing your use of electricity since you have full control over the stored energy.

If you have contact with a reliable company where you bought your solar power supply, you can expect them to have a battery storage system available that will help you reduce your costs even further. Besides, your solar system and battery storage are still applicable for the solar ITC.

4. You Know the Breakdown Of Your Expenses

As a business owner, your electric utility bill is divided into two: usage fees, which are based on the kilowatt-hours you use per day, and demand fees, which are based on your usage per month and the time of day your usage takes place, known as Peak Demand hours, which carry a higher cost. It’s essential to know what you’re paying for, especially if you see them listed down one by one.

Utilizing solar energy monitoring can help your business to further proactively control your monthly energy costs and you become even more energy-efficient. A breakdown of your electricity expenses is necessary, so you know how to handle the energy you’re using productively.


Solar power systems have a lot of advantages for both residential and commercial uses. With a reliable solar provider helping you out, you can save money, reduce energy expenditure, and ultimately, benefit your business in both short-term and long-term expenditure goals.

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