Solar Shingles Or Traditional Solar Panels?

Solar Shingle Roofing Vs. Solar Panels –
Powering Your Bay Area Home

Choosing The Right Solar Roofing
Solution For Your Home

One of the best types of residential roofing options actually captures solar energy. Investing in solar roofing in the Bay Area will pay off over time as your roof helps to reduce your energy bills.

Solar roofing technology in residential areas is new to many, with the options available increasing on a regular basis.

Simmitri, Inc. offers residential solar shingles and solar panels with cutting-edge options. Choosing between these two may be difficult unless you know about the primary differences.

Solar shingles integrate into your roof and look like part of the structure – because they are. Solar panels are bulkier yet offer benefits you can’t get from solar shingles — like the versatility to work with a wide selection of existing roofs.

There is no one right choice for the general public, but there is a choice that’s just right for you and your home. And finding that option is easy with our consultant’s expertise at your disposal.

Why Go Solar In The Bay Area?

There are many reasons why you may want to go solar in your Bay Area home, including the following:

  • Helps you become more self-sustainable.
  • Creates more solar energy-related jobs.
  • One more step in going green.
  • Lasts 25 – 30 years or more.
  • The government tax credit.
  • The energy source is free.
  • Saves money over time.
  • Increases resale value.
  • 24/7 app monitoring.

Cost Of Solar Residential Roofing In The Bay Area

The cost of any solar roofing can be a larger initial investment than most other energy sources, but the long-term costs are cheaper for solar panels and solar shingles.

The utility bill is generally lowered over time, saving you money. And if you’re installing a new roof anyway, the difference in the cost of going with GAF Solar Shingles and installing a non-solar roof is surprisingly minimal, yet offers an incredible value.

Solar Shingle Roofing Cost

Solar shingle roofing may appear to be more expensive than traditional solar panels, but solar shingles are higher-end. They use a new, modern technology that is costly to manufacture but generally worth it in the end.

Cost Of Solar Panel Installation

Roof-mounted solar panels have a long history, and mounting them is far simpler, thus less costly. But your mounting options are limited by state regulations.


The Look Of Solar Roofing

Some people may prefer the bolder look of panels, while others prefer the subtle touch of shingles. The aesthetic of solar roofing is a personal choice.

Solar Shingles Aesthetic

Solar shingles become your new roofing and blend into the rest of your home’s exterior. They are easy to miss and work well if you want your solar energy system to merge with the rest of your roof.

Solar Panel Aesthetic

Panels rest atop your roof and are easy to spot by passersby. They are great for homeowners who want something that looks high-tech and modern, especially for those who have a contemporary, eclectic style.

Solar-Ready Roof Installation

Installing your solar panels or shingles works differently depending on the choice you make. Simmitri Solar’s seasoned professionals install each solar roofing type in a different way.

Solar Shingle Installation

Solar shingles are installed just like regular roofing shingles. The low-profile solar shingles attach like standard shingles and are even held in place by standard roofing nails.

Solar Panels Installation

Solar panels are much less flexible than solar shingle roofing in both the way they are made and the way they adapt to certain roof shapes. Because of these restrictions, panels depend more on roof geometry than solar shingles.

Residential Roofing Types

The type of roof you have under the solar panels or solar shingles matters. It may help you make the right decision based on what will look best and be most efficient for the type of roofing on your home.

Solar Shingle Roofing

Solar shingles become part of your roof while solar panels are set on top of it. Because of this, shingles are ideal for sloped roofs but do not work well for flat roofs.

Solar Panel Roofing

Solar panels are great for your flat roof because they may be installed at an angle different from the roof, allowing for a natural drain system. They are generally more flexible with traditional types of roofing options.

Why Choose Simmitri Solar For Your Solar Shingles?

Simmitri specializes in complete home energy efficiency systems – it’s what we do best for you to achieve complete energy independence. What could be better than an integrated solar roofing system that frees you from traditional utilities?

After over 30 years of solving the Bay Area’s roofing needs, we feel comfortable saying that we know roofing and we know solar energy, which puts us ahead of the game, as does the heart of our company. Who do you trust to drill into your roof? A company that is great at EVs and dabbles in solar or a company that knows roofing and solar better than the other guy knows cars?

Residential roofing using solar power in the Bay Area is what Simmitri Solar does best. If you want to take that next step in going green and need help deciding which solar roofing option is right for you, give us a call today at (408) 779-3333 for your free quote.