What It’s Like To Go Solar With Simmitri

Going Solar With Simmitri
Is A Smooth, Rewarding Experience

We Handle The Hurdles, Follow-Up, Follow Through,
And Build Custom Solutions So You Get A Perfect System

Most people, which is perfectly reasonable, don’t have a good idea of what goes into modern residential and commercial solar systems. In the initial stages of the process, folks often think it’s a bit like driving your car through an automated car wash. Or, for others, they assume the experience will be similar to investing in a new smartphone – where all the ‘techy stuff’ is done beforehand, and we just need to set up a few details.

At Simmitri, we simplify the complexities for you. We don’t work with pre-made cookie-cutter energy systems because they are inefficient. They don’t last. And they tend to require too much maintenance, repairs, and upkeep over time. Instead, we first get a 360-degree view of your home’s consumption via Comprehensive Energy Assessment (CEA), then design a system to meet these energy needs while likely providing a surplus, creating a net positive result for you!

The Approval Process Through Carbon Utility Companies

The carbon grid still rules the roost, so there’s going to be an approval process through your local utility company. Honestly, they don’t always make it easy – depending on the representative you end up with, but we take this part on for you. Sometimes they can be rather hard to get hold of…and slow, elongating project timelines.

We’re used to it! We know how to be consistent, persistent, and crystal-clear to keep the approval process moving forward to completion.

  • We prepare and triple-check all necessary paperwork to ensure every detail is covered.
  • Along with solar management, we’re also experienced Master Elite roofers, so we can handle any roofing issues related to designing and installing your new solar system.
  • After installation, the utility company will inspect the system. If they find any issues, we can get them resolved in a timely, professional manner.

No matter what they ask for, and we’ve had them throw some serious curveballs over the years, we bend over backward to get our customers set up and we take this part on for you. Need a new platform built below the main panel? No problem. It’s easier if we do it because we aren’t going to make any mistakes you’ll need to have addressed down the road.

Workers on roof.

Connected, Communicative, Convenient: The Simmitri Way

Step by step, hurdle by hurdle, we’re proactive, communicative, and accessible when it comes to keeping you in the loop throughout your project. Unlike other less passionate solar companies, we don’t leave you hanging or scratching your head in the dark. As a team, we remain available and work hard to educate people on the hows and whys of high-performance clean energy systems.

Simmitri was professional, responsive, and did a high-quality job. I shopped around before deciding which company to use for our solar panel job, and this company blew away the others. They are actual solar nerds — not just looking for a sale — which is what I was looking for. I highly recommend them.”

Interested In Going Solar? Explore Simmitri

Learn about the Modern, Cutting-Edge Solar/Roofing Products we design and build systems with. Dig into our Residential Solar, Commercial Solar, or even Corporate Energy solutions. Or, if you’d prefer to speak to someone directly who can answer your initial questions, Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your project soon!