Why Get A Roof AND Solar Panels At The Same Time

Reasons To Get Roofing Services That Include Solar Panels In The Bay Area

Make that investment in getting a better roof system that would eventually lower your bills and lessen your dependence on electrical energy. Having solar on your home’s roof in the Bay Area will also put it in a favorable position as it can easily absorb the sun’s rays.

Improve Curb Appeal

Solar energy use and an environmentally friendly home are something that many home buyers are looking for nowadays. It’s a great asset for boosting the home’s curb appeal and the property’s overall value.

Living in such a home can be a luxury on its own too. But, if you ever have any plans of selling your home in the future, a roof installed with multiple solar panels is one great way of eliciting interest from the market.

Make Arrangements Easier

If you’re looking to give your roof a few improvements, why not have the solar panels installed already? It’s better to find a roofing service that helps you hit two birds with one stone rather than looking for two separate professionals.

Having to talk to one person will make the process much easier and less stressful to coordinate since you don’t have to deal with a three-way conversation regarding the whole ordeal. Plus, you can go ahead in saving the time and money needed for something else.

Find A Roofer With Better Experience

Having a professional roofing service that already offers a package that includes solar panel installation can be reassuring. Roofers of this caliber are certainly equipped with the best knowledge and experience.

Plus, this professional roofing service is aware of the best roofing technology and materials needed for your dream roof. Having done multiple houses in the past before, they’re trained to make your home the best it can be.

Get A Warranty

It’s important to get the best service possible, the kind that goes the extra mile for you. If you’re hiring a single service to conduct both roofing and solar panel installation, there’s a good chance that you get a warranty of service. This will ensure proper customer satisfaction.

The warranty’s guarantee won’t just be a weight off your shoulders in terms of dealing with the roofers and having the services done; it’ll also add protection for your roof’s system. You get your full money’s worth with no regrets at all.


The advantages of getting solar panel installation alongside roofing can greatly improve the condition of your home. If you’ve been considering getting one service for a while now, it might be time to just go for the other simultaneously.

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