Are you a company owner in California? It might be an opportune time to jump on board with solar panel roofs. The state has been leading the way for renewable energy, and it’s vital that you become part of this experience.

How California Law Encourages Commercial Solar Panel Roofs

New legislation has been passed to allow firms to save money and encourage them to become more energy efficient. This law has a significant impact on the usefulness of commercial solar panels.

In fact, they are boosting the federal tax credit for complete solar purchases up to 25 percent and more of the total price. This article will speak about why commercial buildings require solar panels in California and how they can save your business money.

How the Law Encourages the Use of Solar Panel Roofs

As far as renewable energy is concerned, California has always been a leader. The state already passed the Assembly Bill (AB) 2054 in 2016, requiring commercial buildings to have solar panel roofs. This bill aimed to have 15% of a building’s total roof area made up of solar panel roofs by 2020.

Besides being a building requirement, installing a solar system on your company’s roof can significantly impact your company’s bottom line.

You can save on energy costs to run your business. Over time these energy savings will add up to a tremendous return on investment. Within five years, depending on how much power you consume monthly, you might see a return on your investment!

In 2020, California decided to increase its effort in encouraging solar panel roofs. All new commercial buildings in California now require solar panel roofs.

Whether you’re starting a new business in the state or expanding an existing one, there are now commercial solar roofing solutions to make sure your roof will already be ready for solar panels.

Benefits of Solar Panel Roofs for Your Company

There are several advantages to installing solar panels on the roof of a company. The following are a few of the most important benefits:

Energy Savings

It is possible to create your own electricity using solar panels rather than purchasing it from PG&E. If you go solar, you may expect a 25 percent increase in savings in your monthly utility expenses! Other than saving money as you use less electricity, PG&E will also give you a rebate.

Rebates for Clean Energy

Not only does the installation of solar panels lessen your reliance on the grid, but they also contribute to the creation of more clean energy!

Thanks to California Assembly Bill 920, PG&E will give you credit for any excess solar energy your company generates and sends back to the grid. Solar is even more economical thanks to these credits that may be added to your monthly utility bill.

Helping the Environment

Helping the environment will be a benefit to you as well. To minimize greenhouse gas emissions and prevent climate change, generating power from the sun instead of fossil fuels is beneficial.

Raising the Value of Your Property

For companies using solar panels, the value of their property may even rise! This is ideal if you are planning to sell your building in the future.


Is your company in California? If so, it’s time to go solar. Businesses in California are now required to install solar panel roofs on their properties. Besides being a state requirement, installing solar panels is a great way to help the environment while saving money.

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