What is a Comprehensive
Energy Assessment (CEA)?

A comprehensive evaluation of your entire home that takes into consideration the HVAC system, insulation levels, the water heater, gas fired appliances, electrical loads, and your windows and doors. It will determine where your home is losing energy and money, and how to correct such problems to make it more energy efficient and comfortable. Also, doing the assessment before solar could save you thousands of dollars.

Why Get an Assessment?
  • · High energy bills (Electric & Gas)
  • · Looking into solar or to optimize your solar
  • · Fluctuating temperatures
  • · Drafty rooms
  • · Old or inefficient heating & cooling equipment
  • · Concerned about the health & safety of the home
  • · An aging home
    Efficiency Scoring
    Infiltration (air leakage)
    Chillers and Refridgeration
    Resistive and Inductive Loads
    Power Quality
    Insulation (roof, wall, floor)
    HVAC (type, ventilation, water heater)

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What to Expect During Your Assessment

During a home energy assessment, a certified energy advisor evaluates your entire home as one interconnected system to understand exactly how it’s using—and wasting—energy. The assessment takes between 2–4 hours, and considers your HVAC equipment, water systems, levels of insulation and energy drawing devices. The energy advisor will also perform a blower door test to check for air leaks and perform safety tests on your furnace and water heater.

Customer Advantages

  • 1) Takes out the guess work of the best way to save energy while ensuring a comfortable and safe home.
  • 2) Optimizes your solar system investment and potentially save money by installing a smaller solar system
  • 3) Know the condition of the environment you and your family live in or is about to live in. If selling a home – attractive to new buyer
  • 4) Allows for a deeper understanding of the home or building and gives you a road map for future improvements that are needed-saves money & time

A Life-Saving Discovery

Simmitri Makes a Lifesaving Discovery During a Comprehensive Energy Assessment – Part of Simmitri’s Dedicated Protocol when designing a Solar System.


CEA Pricing

The cost depends on the size of the home. The assessment ranges from $500-$1,000.

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