What Are The SOMAH Property Eligibility Requirements?

  • Have a qualified affordable housing regulatory agreement and five or more rental units
  • 80% of residents must have income at or below 60% of the area median income or property is located in a state-designated disadvantaged community (CalEnviroScreen).
  • Have individually metered units eligible for virtual net energy metering.
  • Be an existing building with a certificate of occupancy.
  • In PG&E, SDG&E, SCE, Liberty Utilities, or PacifiCorp utility service territory.

What's In It For The Multifamily Property Owner?

Save on common area energy costs! This includes lighting on the property and other energy costs associated with your property's energy usage.

How Can My Multifamily Tenants Benefit?

Financial Benefits: Solar installed through SOMAH must allocate a minimum of 51% of the energy produced to tenants through VNEM. Reduced electricity bills will help tenants live more affordably.

Employment Opportunities: Tenants are eligible for paid solar installation training and employment opportunities. Additional solar contractor career resources are available including access to a job board and resume bank.

What Makes Simmitri’s Solar Installations Different?

Our roofing background. Solar-only companies look at projects only from the solar perspective. For example, Ballast System vs. Racking System – Simmitri waterproofs the solar standoffs with a spray cover layer. Any leaks under the ballast are hard to reach, thus time-consuming and expensive. It’s all about the details…and when it comes to those, we’re obsessed!

Must Ballast Systems Be Removed To Address Leaks?

In most cases, yes. This is what makes Simmitri’s 30+ years of roofing expertise so important. We get it right the first time without causing roof leaks and lengthy/costly roof repairs. Many Solar-only companies lack the precise technical knowledge or desire to take this extra step.

How Long Will My Process Be From Start To Finish?

Your project can take us as little as 6-8 months (as with small to medium-sized projects), or 1-2 years (for larger, more complex solar+roofing projects). Contact our expert team to analyze your needs for a solid line-by-line scope.

Simmitri’s Financing & Payment Options Are Unique, Why?

Simmitri offers a diverse set of financing choices. Rather than showing you cookie-cutter, designed-for-anyone options, we’ll build a custom plan to fit your commercial needs & long-term goals:

Purchase Power Agreements

An array of zero-down options from PPAs to loans and leases. All of which can benefit you from a tax and savings perspective. Our goal is to help you reduce monthly costs/expenses, increase the life-cycle of your equipment, and free up cash flow to infuse into growing your business. If you want to move from CapX to OpX, or vice versa, we can help you get there!

*Simmitri takes a comprehensive-solutions-only approach to your building & business.

*If you do a zero-down loan to own the system and be cash flow positive, you also potentially get hundreds of thousands in tax incentives, and depreciation. Contact our experts to discuss your short and long-term business and financial needs.

Do You Offer Commercial Battery Solutions/Related Services?

Yes. We offer microgrids, backup power, and virtual power plant solutions. Simmitri also offers EV charging solutions, O&M and proactive system monitoring, solar carports, energy audits, sustainability consulting to Green your business, fleet electrification, employee perk programs, and more.

What Other Commercial Services Do You Offer?

From Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and & Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) consulting, to Greening your business from the inside out to attract more customers and retain your top talent…simply contact our customer support staff, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the ins and outs of everything we can offer you.

Can You Talk Us Through Available Tax Benefits/Incentives?

Absolutely! Simmitri works to maximize state/federal incentives that can potentially reduce 75% of your system’s cost. Contact our team and we’ll put our experts on the case. They’ll walk you through what it means to get a cash infusion with no money out of pocket, for example.

What Are Demand Charges And Why Is This Important?

Demand charges are highly inflated fees imposed on your business by utilities. These apply to companies using energy during peak usage times, making up 60-70% of a company’s typical bills. Simmitri focuses on eliminating these unnecessary costs!

Must I Deal With The Permitting Process?

Not at all. Simmitri handles everything from utility paperwork, and interconnection agreements, to jurisdiction approvals so you don’t have to. We’ll take care of it. And you’re going to love having a genuine advocate working hard in your corner.