With A Trusted, Family-Owned Solar + Roofing Company

At Simmitri, Roofing Is In Our DNA

We’ve been involved in roofing on both the commercial and residential sides for decades. This is why we can handle any project in a smooth, customer-centric, professional way: Title 24 Cool Roofs, Emergency Repairs, Roof Maintenance, provide CEA’s (Comprehensive Energy Assessments) and Roof Inspections, and more. Simmitri is your holistic solution.

Leverage Integrated Bay Area Roofing Systems

Installed With Master Elite Detail And Precision

Some see a roof as simply a roof. Simmitri sees it as an asset protecting your business. We challenge norms by integrating insulation, ventilation, daylight, and solar. We then incorporate signature rain gutters; fabricated on-site to accent your commercial property perfectly. This is the best way to derive value in a roof purchase and get the most significant ROI long-term.

We Provide Roofing + Solar Solutions In One

Simmitri Is A Full-Spectrum Bay Area Energy Management Company

Many of our clients choose to integrate new custom-designed solar systems into their replacement roofing investment. Our experienced building performance professionals specialize in peaking facility efficiency by evaluating your building using detailed consumption analyses. This allows us to make commercial solar a straightforward and effective experience.

Premium, Industry-Best Coverage Across The Bay Area

Ensuring Your Roofing Investment Is Secure

As a GAF Master Elite roofer, our advanced commercial roofing systems come with the strongest, safest warranty in America! Our three-fold focus: protection, energy efficiency, and the environment. We also offer highly-reflective shingles and other innovative tech to green your business. And everything is covered as it should be to protect your long-term investment.

Our Process

How Commercial Roofing Works With Simmitri

Step One: Roof Inspection & Estimate

From high-level corporate oversight to our pro team of roof system technicians, energy advisers, operations/install personnel, project management experts, sales consultants, and energy-efficient building performance analysts, we’re passionate about educating and engaging our customers in doing solar properly. Learn more about our Seasoned, Professional Service.

Step Two: Preparation & Planning

Once we understand the scope of your roofing (and potentially solar) project, we’ll have every detail mapped and planned for success. We’re proud to focus on consistent, accommodating, and crystal-clear communication. No surprises. No guesswork. No cookie-cutter workmanship. At Simmitri, we’re 100% committed to your satisfaction.

Step Three: Step-By-Step Installations

Simmitri is one of the longest-standing and most trusted solar+roofing companies in the Greater Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and Monterey Bay coastal areas. Working step by step to install appropriately sized and cost-efficient roofing/solar systems. After serving thousands of customers, our approach is fine-tuned. Learn more about Our Story.

Step Four: Fine-Tuning & Followup

Your project isn’t finished until every aspect of your new roofing system works flawlessly, and you see the benefits. But even after completion, our relationship doesn’t end. Through warranty coverage, working with you to ensure longevity, scheduled maintenance programs, and assisting in the overall management of any solar tech through our mobile app, Simmitri is your long-term partner.

Simmitri app on iPadSimmitri App 2.0 Coming Soon

The Simmitri App

Putting The Sun’s Power At Your Fingertips

We’re committed to your success. This is why we built and continue to improve our mobile application. With it, you stay on top of your Simmitri services from…just about anywhere! Throughout your project, it will act as a command center keeping you updated and informed in real-time every step of the way, as well as housing all your documents and media files.

Once your project is complete, if you have new solar components, you’ll be able to monitor your usage, track production levels, maximize efficiency, review annual reports, contact your Simmitri Customer Success rep, and much more! The Simmitri app is convenient and powerful, making your roofing/solar experience second to none, both during your installation and beyond for the lifetime of your system.

Company History

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In The Silicon Valley

28+ Years Of Committed, Dedicated Service

Simmitri is proud to be a customer-centric Silicon Valley-area company with a unique holistic approach to roofing and harnessing clean energy. Since 1995, our team has demonstrated to thousands of satisfied customers expertise in designing and installing commercial solar power, roof, and modern Commercial Energy Management solutions.

Through our commercial and residential services, community programs, non-profit work, and efforts to Restore The Balance Of Power to consumers, we’ve become an integral and trusted part of California’s solar industry.

Service Areas

Serving The Greater Bay Area, Silicon Valley, & Monterey Bay Coastal Cities

  • San Jose (Headquarters)
  • Santa Clara
  • Morgan Hill
  • Gilroy
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