Commercial EV Smart Charging

Drive your business to the forefront with SmartElek

Reduce EV charging cost with SmartElek smart grid features

Our cutting-edge, cloud-based management platform leverages advanced energy management and demand response protocols that auto-shift charging loads, thereby optimizing the entire charging infrastructure. With SmartElek’s app and online platform, you can monitor and manage remote charging and in real-time, taking control of critical data to optimize pricing, availability, and charging power.

These SmartElek smart grid features help avoid costly demand charges and peak-priced energy usage, which frees up cash flow for your business. 

Take control of your business’s energy capacity

Smart energy management enables near real-time load balancing. This allows you to monitor, manage, and adjust energy consumption and provide optimal demand response, avoiding peak pricing charges. Optimize and stabilize energy flow within a balanced grid while ensuring more reliable service and quality power 

SmartElek enables you to set limits on energy consumption, ensuring you don’t exceed your building’s energy capacity and avoid costly demand charges in the process

Reduce Energy Consumption

Consumers of solar should first look at ways to reduce energy consumption before sizing their site for solar.   This can be accomplished with an energy audit.  The energy audit will determine if there is significant energy loss within the building envelope, along with helpful recommendations to reduce or eliminate such waste.  Reducing energy consumption through low-cost energy efficiency measures, can reduce the size of solar thereby optimizing their return on investment.  

Attract long-term capital and operating benefits

Installing SmartElek creates a secondary revenue source by providing a valuable, premium amenity and adding a key differentiating benefit to attract and retain customers, employees, and tenants. People will be inclined to spend more time at your location while their vehicle charges up, which can lead to increased revenue/productivity

With a growing number of local and regional carbon reduction policies, providers of EVSE are able to benefit from the value of carbon emissions offset by their stations, such as opting into many state and federal tax incentives and rebates.

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