Smart Energy Storage

More power to your investment

Secure your energy

Our approach has been proven many times over. It’s designed to do one thing, significantly reduce energy and building maintenance cost. Take advantage of our stackable battery solutions to be independent from outages and keep your business operating.


Maintain power to your buildings when the grid goes out. Secure your independence by taking control of your power with a reliable battery storage solution. Never be in the dark again.


Take advantage of "peak savings" with battery storage that charges with low-cost energy and then discharges during times when energy is most expensive. 


Provide your own source of energy to your business regardless of access to utility power. Adding solar and smart connected systems can create a stronger microgrid.

Clean Virtual Power

MicroNOC’s CVP™ consists of grid synchronized energy storage, power and energy management systems. This proprietary service solution requires no equipment purchase or lease. Find out if your business facility qualifies to receive 25% discounts off electricity rates today.

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