Why Simmitri


Simmitri: A Core-Value & Mission-Driven
Bay Area Solar + Roofing Provider

What That Means For Your Home And/Or Business

We care about important things like transparent we-appreciate-you-style communication, kind & courteous service, professionalism, and a helpful, accommodating process. When we meet with you and inspect your Bay Area home or business, it’s essential to know you’re dealing with a core-value and mission-driven company of people who truly care.

Why? Because it translates into much more value and a better, more fulfilling experience for you.

We aim to help you understand the benefits and value of going green through solar energy systems and Master Elite-level roofing. We’re eager to answer all your key questions, explore options, uncover your true needs/goals/financial outcomes, etc., and create a custom package based on what matters most to you!

Common Questions We’re Thrilled To Answer

Below you can learn more about our core values, but feel free to reach out and Contact Us anytime. We’re happy to chat, provide the answers you’re seeking, and address any concerns you might have.

Why Is This Good For My Home And/Or Business?

What Kind Of ROI Can I Expect By Going Solar?

How Long Does Until I Exceed Net Neutral And Become Net Positive?

How Will This Transformation Inspire Employees To Be More Productive?

How Much Energy Will My Panels Produce?

How Long Will My Solar System Last?

Who Makes My Roofing Components?

What Kind Of Performance Should I Expect?

What If Something Breaks?

What Kind Of Coverage Options Do I Have?

Core Values

Industry-Leading Energy Efficiency For The Bay Area

Backed By A Personalized, Accommodating Experience

Long-Standing Integrity

Simmitri is proud of our long-standing legacy of integrity. We are one of the oldest roofing & solar businesses in the state of California. We work in a complex, highly-technical industry that’s evolving. Our goal is always to take each detail seriously and get your system set up perfectly at the best price possible. Rest assured, we stand behind our work and subscribe to the guiding principles of a clean and safe site and project management.

Transparent & Trustworthy

With decades of service under our name and many thousands of happy customers across our vast Service Area, you can tell from our reviews that we’re committed. In fact, we’re one of those family-owned and operated companies that gets most of our work from direct referrals. Folks trust us and our process enough to gladly tell their friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family about us. Bottom line – we’ve been here so long and continue to grow because we treat people right.

Seamless Teamwork

One of the ways we’ve always differentiated ourselves from other companies in our industry is through our comprehensive services for homes and businesses. Sure, the cutting-edge performance of our systems is outstanding. Still, the sales professionals, roofers, electricians, engineers, support, and customer success professionals our team is made of are a GREAT group of people to collaborate with too! We’re talented and ready to serve. We’re innovative and resourceful. And we work well together to deliver the best possible experience to you.

Genuine Empathy

While we engage in many highly-complex projects for larger Bay Area homes and local businesses, we’re happy to work on almost any size project. We genuinely WANT to help folks. This is why we’ve learned how to boost ROI, make the process more affordable, and stay committed to customer success. At Simmitri, we believe completing your project is just the beginning of a lifetime relationship where we faithfully ensure the system we install for you works better than expected over the long haul!

Customer Advocacy

We’re innovators who believe one size does not fit all. BIG SOLAR'S cookie-cutter energy management approach fails to recognize each customer's needs. Instead, we work to restore the balance of power, shifting this energy imbalance away from traditional utilities to individual homes and businesses. We provide customers with clean power and great roofing, designed and installed with efficiency, comfort, health, safety, and cost-effectiveness in mind.


What Other Bay Area Customers Are Saying

“What a great company to work with! From start to finish, communication was great. The Simmitri team did all the work with PG&E (the headache part) and had everything complete in a timely manner.”

Steffan W.

“Really great communication throughout the entire process. Felt informed, educated, and in control of the process. Simmitri’s entire crew was efficient, friendly, and professional. Thank you!”

Thomas H.

“Simmitri got the right financing program for my needs, and the entire project was done quickly. Very responsive, clean job, and stellar communication. Something really unique about them is their customer success team, who followed up with me on a regular basis to make sure I was happy and did an annual review of my system compared to their initial projection. I was impressed when I realized their projections were 100% accurate. My system delivered all year despite the smoke and debris from the fires in California. I would recommend them to anyone who needs solar or roofing in the Bay Area.”

Bernard L.