Why Simmitri

Custom, Detailed Workmanship

Impeccable Solar & Roofing Installation Standards

With Every Detail Perfected For Our Bay Area Customers

One reason Bay Area homeowners enjoy our solar services is our proactive approach to the finer technical and structural details. And how openly we communicate. We’re not going to sell you on a general quick & dirty solar project, then end up taking way too long, going over budget, or worse… installing to the wrong specifications. You also don’t have to worry you’ll discover your roof isn’t well-suited for solar well after the paperwork’s been signed.

  • Our work is covered, and our teams are fully certified.
  • We don’t waste resources installing solar on old roofs.
  • All solar/roofing work is coordinated through Simmitri.
  • At times we partially replace roofing to accommodate solar.
  • We use experienced building performance professionals.
  • We handle permitting and everything behind the scenes.
Our Process

Through Careful Consideration, Confidence Is Restored

Creating Energy Balance For The People Of The Bay Area

Most of our crew are experienced, licensed electricians with 15+ years of installations under their belts. Furthermore, Simmitri’s quality control process is highly-controlled. Even outside building inspectors will regularly tell us that our installations are the best they see in the Bay Area because of our expertise and checks and balances throughout each project.

The professionals Simmitri will have working on your roof and/or solar system are certified, demonstrated specialists. They’re more than qualified. We understand every facet of proper workmanship, warranty requirements, state/county laws and regulations, and the building science behind a sound, high-performance solar system.

Our Services

Industry-Leading Energy Efficiency For The Bay Area

Backed By A Personalized, Accommodating Experience

Careful Consideration

No guesswork. We don’t simply look at electric bills. We rely on building science principles and the science underlying solar power management. By planning, preparing, and depending on in-depth analysis, we improve your energy usage BEFORE finalizing the solar system design.

Confidence Restored

Simmitri will pull out all the stops and work within your budget to ensure you enjoy the healthiest, most energy-efficient Bay Area home possible. The goal is to create energy balance in your favor (as well as the environment) rather than major utility companies.

Your Whole Home

We can build and install a system that addresses your whole home and its interdependent parts. Each affects the performance of the entire system. And once your energy load requirements are reduced, a correctly-sized system can be designed for maximum savings and impact.

Real-World Reliability

We meticulously design each custom solar system we install, then test it to stand up to some of the harshest conditions in our area of the country: temperature swings, battering winds, humidity, hail, and more. This is why our solar panels have a useful service life of 40 years!


What Other Bay Area Customers Are Saying

“I just expanded my solar capacity and was impressed with Simmitri. I researched a bunch of companies and got bids from 3. I chose Simmitri based on their expertise, customer service, and price. They were wonderful. I highly recommend them.”

Edward E.

“As a Board Member and homeowner in a large townhome community, I couldn’t be more impressed with Simmitri. On every level, they’ve been great. The quality of work, knowledgeable staff, reasonable bid, and communication make working with Simmitri a great experience. It’s a relief to know there’s still a company that takes pride in their work and reputation. We absolutely recommend Simmitri.”

Eric P.

“Simmitri got the right financing program for my needs, and the entire project was done quickly. Very responsive, clean job, and stellar communication. Something really unique about them is their customer success team, who followed up with me on a regular basis to make sure I was happy and did an annual review of my system compared to their initial projection. I was impressed when I realized their projections were 100% accurate. My system delivered all year despite the smoke and debris from the fires in California. I would recommend them to anyone who needs solar or roofing in the Bay Area.”

Bernard L.