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Here at Simmitri, we approach greenifying your home or business differently. Our relationship doesn't end after your new clean energy system installation. In fact, it's just getting started!

We launched our mobile application to complement our Customer Success department in early 2021, and it’s been a smashing success. You can learn more about the benefits below, or reach out and Contact Us directly to chat with one of our friendly staff.

The Benefits Of Our Evolving Success Platform

Step-By-Step Project Status Updates

Get real-time updates when a new milestone is reached. Receive updates as your project progresses through each stage. Never wonder where your project stands – automatic push notifications keep you in the know.

Connect & Get Direct Answers

Our application links you directly to our Customer Success department, so you can get easy-to-understand answers, address concerns, and chat with our in-house specialists. Most often used for post-install questions.

A Comprehensive Document Center

The app acts like a secure, well-organized file cabinet where you can easily store and conveniently access all your project/system documents and paperwork—everything you need in one place—no more searching around!

24/7 Digital Monitoring System

Once your profile is set up and connected, you’ll have complete control over your electric utilities. How great is that? You’ll be able to track energy production levels to ensure maximum efficiency, review annual reports, and more!

Green Technology Updates

Interested in staying informed and reading up on our rapidly evolving clean energy industry? No problem! Our app will keep you updated with Green technology, value-added products, and special offerings without being a nuisance.

Referrals & Rewards Program

The Simmitri app allows you to be a solar advocate! Receive $25 for referring a friend, family, or neighbor to us. If they decide we’re a great fit, get $650 for referring a roof and solar project and $500 for just solar.

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