It's time to think INSIDE the box.

To properly distribute energy throughout a building most effectively, Simmitri is developing a "smartbox", an electrical load panel which is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), communicates with all energy-demanding devices and audited through blockchain technology. Acting as a mirrored breaker panel, the SimBox will communicate with each node in the entire Simmitri network and will improve performance over time through behavioral learning from the occupants using the energy.

Why Choose Us

By servicing over 4000 clients within our extensive history, we have installed, repaired and facilitated energy distribution methods throughout thousands of electrical load panels.

Energy Assesment

Recieve a comprehensive energy assessment before work begins.

Trusted Installers

All of our installers and employees undergo rigourous background checks.

SimCloud Platform

Easily manage your building's profile on the next-gen Simmitri smart grid.