Get Powered Up And Make Your Home Work For You,
With Smarter, Safer, And More Reliable Charging!

Smart home energy solutions give you the ability to capture clean energy, store it, and stabilize usage by automatically shifting loads around demand. They also allow you to monitor your system, adjust consumption, and provide optimal response while avoiding peak pricing.

Once your new EV smart charging station is designed and installed, you’ll get access to our cutting-edge cloud-based management platform. This gives you complete control of efficient charging, where your stored power can flow in and out of your EV batteries.

You get better power quality. You get more reliable service. And you can get a personalized smart home grid with automatic failsafe mechanisms.

The compact yet powerful design provides fast, reliable plug-and-go charging. It’s also simple to set up and allows for portable or fixed installations. With automatic Level 1 and Level 2 operations, you’ll find our product easy to use and maintenance-free.

  • Smart Charging
  • Easy & Maintenance-Free
  • Start Avoiding Peak Pricing
  • 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring
  • Mobile App Available
  • Real-Time Load Balancing
About Simmitri

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We believe it takes a particular type of courage to ask for unconventional change. And, it takes an entirely different kind to create it. At Simmitri, we’re proud of our personalized holistic approach to residential energy. For us, it’s more than standing out in an industry where customer service and satisfaction are constantly missed…it’s about taking the lead!

With nearly three decades of experience, we specialize in connecting people to affordable, high-quality products like our proprietary EV Smart Charging solutions, home energy batteries, custom solar systems, and more. Join us on our mission to Restore The Balance Of Power, shifting reliance away from large energy company monopolies and inefficient systems…to you and your family.

Our Process

Our Smooth Customer-Centric Process

Superior Bay Area Performance | Personalized 5-Star Service

A Detailed Home Assessment

By far, the vast majority of the homeowners we work with are after more full-spectrum home energy solutions, including an EV Smart Charging station. This is why our first step is to get a complete picture of your energy needs by performing a detailed assessment. Learn more about our Seasoned, Professional Service.

New EV Smart Charging Design

Whether we’re just installing the EV charging station alone or incorporating it into a new dynamic roofing and solar panel system, everything will be designed around YOU. And you genuinely deserve a great experience, quality products, efficiency, and long-lasting VALUE. Dig deeper into our Modern, Cutting-Edge Charging Stations.

Pro Installation & Grid Setup

Our expert installations are award-winning because we’re passionate about what we do, who we do it for, and… WHY. After your custom home energy solution is all set up, our relationship won’t be ending but just beginning! We’ll take especially great care of you and your home. Check out our Custom, Detailed Workmanship.

Service Areas

Serving The Greater Bay Area, Silicon Valley, & Monterey Bay Coastal Cities

  • San Jose (Headquarters)
  • Santa Clara
  • Morgan Hill
  • Gilroy
  • Campbell
  • And more…
Bidirectional Benefits

The Benefits Of A Truly Smart Charger In The Bay Area

Safely Optimizing Your Home’s Energy Utilization

Your EV charging station can integrate information from the electric grid, the charging infrastructure we install, and the parameters you set. You end up with a personalized smart charging profile managing your energy flows…so you can sit back and relax.

It’s smarter, safer, and more reliable.

  • Optimize And Stabilize Energy Flow Within A Balanced Home Grid
  • Automatically Test The Connection Between Your Car & The Device
  • Along With Failsafes, The Device Monitors Charges For Unusual Activity
  • Near Real-Time Load Balancing For Always-On-Time Vehicle Charging

Bidirectional charging, sometimes referred to as V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) or V2H (Vehicle-to-Home), is all about better energy management. This is why installing our systems may qualify you for many State and Federal tax incentives, rebates, and grants related to EV/EVSE once it’s legalized for you. After we get the go-ahead, we turn on the feature! Interested? We’ll fill you in during your initial consultation with one of our specialists.

Simmitri app on iPadSimmitri App 2.0 Coming Soon

The Simmitri App

We’re committed to your success. This is why we built and continue to improve our mobile application. With it, you can harness and control your home’s new EV smart charging station from…just about anywhere! Throughout your project, it will act as a command center keeping you updated and informed in real-time every step of the way, as well as housing all your documents and media files.

Once your project is complete and your system is running, you’ll be able to monitor your usage, track production levels, maximize efficiency, review annual reports, and much more!

It’s a lot of empowerment packed into one convenient app.