Solar Energy Products, Systems, And Services

Meeting State & Federal Needs

At Simmitri, we’re proud to work with everyone involved in the solar energy movement: residents and business owners, as well as state and federal entities. Being woman- and latino-owned, combined with our strong green/sustainability quotient, we have a lot to offer and be competitive for both private and public sector business contracts.

We’re experienced, certified, and qualified across the board to handle public works projects. For energy services, in particular, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions all under one roof that simplifies the process while bringing sustainable value to the table.

About Simmitri

Helping California Lead The Nation In Going Green

Supporting The Solar Energy Industry From The Ground Up

In America, when it comes to going green through solar energy, no one does it better than California. We lead the nation!

And since the beginning of the solar industry, Simmitri’s been here. After being the first to introduce ESP Low-E reflective insulation and energy efficiency packages to the state, we launched our solar program in 2008. The following year, we installed the first round of rooftop systems available to local roofing customers.