We Install Superior Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
To Put Lasting, Dependable Power Into Your Hands

Make the most of your solar power and add resilience to your home!

We install smart lithium iron phosphate home battery systems that put you in control of your energy usage (more info on this technology below). For you, it means lower costs, keeping the lights on during emergencies and blackouts, and becoming less reliant on large utility companies. Go green and become more independent!

With Simmitri, you’re getting industry-best performance. Because battery quality and performance can vary greatly, we choose products incorporating the latest cell technology for higher efficiency and longer life spans.

From Battery Storage and Master Elite Roofing to Solar Services, EV Charging Stations, and Smart Home Solutions, we believe in doing everything possible to create the perfect balance for you. We believe in using non-toxic options and ethically mined lithium. It’s about home energy done the RIGHT way and delivering real long-lasting VALUE:

  • Maximize Your Savings From Solar
  • Never Get Caught Without Power
  • Become Independent Of The Grid
  • Reduce Peak Hour Charges
  • Zero Maintenance Required
  • Custom-Tailored To Your Home
About Simmitri

Bay Area Excellence

Solar, Roofing, And
Energy Management Solutions

Our mission is to help you transform your greatest asset, your home, into the most energy-efficient, energy-conscious, resilient, and comfortable resource possible. And we understand it can be a challenging proposition. When taking on new technology, you initially aren’t sure about the specifics, the complexity, the science, or the costs involved.

Fear not. You can rest easy with Simmitri. We’ve been working with homeowners in your position for decades. We’re a reliable, customer-centric company with a holistic approach to home energy management. And we stand ready to design your cutting-edge battery system from the ground up and get you closer to living comfortably off the conventional grid.

Our Process

Our Smooth Customer-Centric Process

Superior Bay Area Performance | Personalized 5-Star Service

A Detailed Home Assessment

First, we will get a complete picture of how you and your home currently use energy. It’s essential to approach holistically so we can custom-tailor your new battery system. Whether we’re designing and installing just your battery or a new roof and solar system, expect Seasoned, Professional Service.

Custom Battery System Design

We consider EVERYTHING so that we can do… just about anything for you! In combination with our Smart Home solutions, we can also build and optimize a microgrid for your home, then give you control of energy-consuming devices while automating certain functions. Learn more about our Modern, Cutting-Edge Batteries.

Industry-Best Installation…And Beyond!

We’re meticulous and passionate about this line of work because we’ve been dedicated to it for decades. We’ve been growing our impact since we opened our doors in 1995, staying customer-centric since Day One, and our installers are best-in-the-biz! Check out our Custom, Detailed Workmanship.

Using the Simmitri app, we take customer service to a new level. For example, during your project, you’ll get real-time updates, project tracking, a place for all your media files, a way to reach your Customer Success manager, and so much more. With Simmitri, you’re always in the loop, informed, and know what to expect at every step.

Service Areas

Serving The Greater Bay Area, Silicon Valley, & Monterey Bay Coastal Cities

  • San Jose (Headquarters)
  • Santa Clara
  • Morgan Hill
  • Gilroy
  • Campbell
  • And more…
Simmitri app on iPadSimmitri App 2.0 Coming Soon

The Simmitri App

Putting The Sun’s Power At Your Fingertips

We’re committed to your company’s success. This is why we built and continue to improve our mobile app. With it, you harness and control your new solar system from…just about anywhere! Throughout your project, it will act as a command center keeping you updated and informed in real-time every step of the way, as well as housing all your documents and media files.

Once your project is complete and your system is running, you’ll be able to monitor your usage, track production levels, maximize efficiency, review annual reports, and much more! The Simmitri app is convenient and powerful, making your solar experience second to none, both during your installation and well beyond for the lifetime of your system.

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Why Lithium Iron
Phosphate Batteries?

Cleaner, More Storage Capacity, More AC Output

Instead of lithium-ion batteries, Simmitri utilizes smart, safer, and sustainable lithium iron phosphate tech for home battery systems. We believe in good planetary stewardship. And in terms of supply chain impacts on our environment (mining practices, for example), they come out on top. Ours incorporate the safest lithium technology with superior surge power, power output/grid-tie performance, and storage capacity.

They also can’t catch fire, and better yet…they aren’t considered toxic waste at the end of their life and can be recycled! This means you utilize more clean energy throughout the battery's lifetime while reducing the cost per kilowatt [KW] and per kilowatt-hour [kWh]. When combined with smart home load balancing solutions like smart plugs/sockets, smart switches, and a smart electrical panel, you transform your energy usage altogether.