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Simmitri (pronounced like "symmetry”) is known for being an innovator that believes everything possible should be done to create balance in all aspects of our projects. We work to uniquely design and install with a focus on efficiency, comfort, health, safety, and ultimately, cost-effectiveness. Customer experience is paramount. We believe the relationship starts the first day we meet and continues for Life.

Knowledge & Experience

Simmitri’s team is highly experienced in all disciplines that we service. Over 35 years of business management experience and 28 years of installation excellence has enabled us to earn National awards and 5-star ratings.

Tailored for You

We believe that one-size does not fit all. The cookie-cutter approach that most service providers take fails to recognize the unique differences and needs of each and every individual home. We deliver the most thoughtful solutions to our clients.

Our Guarantee

Simmitri’s customer experience is #1. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer communication during the entire process. Post installation service is where Simmitri shines. We guarantee that no customer will be left behind.

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Solar Energy

Simmitri approaches energy production holistically. We do not simply look at an electric bill alone to determine what is needed but we also consider the health, safety, and comfort of the home. Our building performance analysts will evaluate the "whole home" and recommend improvements, before installing solar. This is the most cost-effective way to go solar, which most other companies fail to recognize.

Simmitri also offers Comprehensive Energy Assessments (CEA’s) which give you a blueprint to achieving the most efficient and healthy home. CEA’s are great if you have an older home or if you just bought a home and want to know the condition and overall health of the home.

Click here for Sample Report: Live Saving Discovery
Our goal is to provide:

  • Instant Value
  • No-Hassle Installation
  • Customer-Centric Service
  • Long term Relationships
What our clients are saying...

"I was referred to Simmitri by a coworker who had both solar and a new roof installed.  I had met with another company prior to our meeting with Jonathan... what a difference.  His level of professionalism and expertise in the area was amazing.  He was not just there to make a sale, he wanted to also help my wife and I to understand why going solar has many benefits beyond the pocketbook.  Just to be sure, I met with yet another company, and was sold.  Not only did we end up with a system that is excellent for our family's needs, producing well beyond the projections, but the price was excellent to boot!  Furthermore, turn around time on the project was astounding.  Work began on a couple weeks after agreeing to go with Simmitri and the roof was replaced and solar installed in a week.  
Overall, if you are looking for solar , I could not recommend Simmitri enough."

Andrea & Bruce
San Jose, CA
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What our clients are saying...

"Simmitri is my go to roofing company. I rest assure knowing I will receive professional expert advice and execution from beginning to end. I appreciate their diligence in providing me with progress reports without my having to pickup the phone to ask. Thank you Simmitri."

Marilyn W.

"Consummate professionals. I hired them to remove and replace my solar array when I needed a roof repair. They were quick with quote and explained all the details, gave a fair price, and worked very well with my roofer even though I was not using their roofing service (and the roofer ended up being way off his original time estimate). They returned calls in a timely manner, and and kept in touch with me about progress all through the job. I will be returning to them if I have need of solar panel work in the future."

Carolyn S.
Gilroy, CA

Roofing Services

We are a proud GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, Simmitri represents the top 2% of roofing contractors in the nation and delivers the industry's strongest roofing warranty.

GAF Factory Certified & Warrantied Roof Systems

Choosing Simmitri Inc., as a GAF Master Elite contractor is your assurance that you'll be dealing with a quality, reputable, and dependable professional contractor to work on your home or commercial building - certified by the largest shingle manufacturer in the country.

Our lifetime roof systems are energy efficient, title 24 compliant, and when coupled with our radiant barrier, and venting system they are extremely effective in reducing heat gain into the home or building. Therefore, our customers are more comfortable while saving energy.

Simmitri provides roof installation, maintenance, and repairs for homeowners and property managers. We tailor these services to the unique needs of each property owner which we serve.

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residential clean storage

Smart Energy Storage

Be resilient, get backup power for emergency outages, or optimize the solar investment. Our battery storage is smart, it operates with or without solar to realize utility cost savings while providing a secure power supply. The battery can be programmed to charge at night when utility costs are lower; then use or discharge the battery during peak demand times, when utility costs are higher. This is known as “peak shaving” utility rates. 

A home battery is ideal for pairing with solar panel systems. This allows storing solar power to use later when electricity is more expensive or when the grid goes down. The combination of solar plus storage creates a complete microgrid.

Simmitri's Smart Home solutions will optimize the microgrid by allowing control over energy-consuming devices while providing home automation capabilities.

What our clients are saying...

"We received knowledgeable advice.  The person we spoke to was very well informed which helped us make the decision to install the panels.  Our goal was to have the panels installed before the new year for the tax advantage.  With only a few weeks until the end of the year they were able to expertly install the panels in time.   We were kept informed every step of the way including scheduled meetings with the city's building inspector.  We are very happy with the results!!!"

Brian A.
Walnut Creek , CA

"If you are looking for solar, roof or gutter option look no further to simmitri. they have provided all 3 services in my home and i am extremely happy with there service. They will take care of all your needs and wants.
There team is highly professional and ethical."

Roshan L.
San Jose, CA
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What our clients are saying...

"This company is good and I'll tell you why.  As usual I get 3 bids for just about any work.   Simmitri was by far the most responsive and easiest to deal with.   They just have their act together and really seem to do their best to make a big job look easy.   They seem to anticipate my questions and had the answers right away.   They also show up on time when they say they will, which I'm sad to say actually something apparently consumers can't expect much of anymore.  

Anyways, yay solar!  Took me long enough but better late than never :)"

Samhaim M.
San Jose, CA

"Simmitri has cleverly differentiated themselves by offering a comprehensive approach towards energy sustainability for homes using state of the art technology....  Simmitri partners with an excellent service provider who quickly installed an energy efficient furnace right before Thanksgiving..."

Margaret G.
Half Moon Bay, CA

Smart Home Solutions

Simmitri brings connectivity to all of the home’s devices. This allows major appliances and energy systems to be managed anytime from anywhere. Never worry about leaving an appliance on or coming home in the dark again. All of this power is in the palm of your hand.

 We also provide intelligent control to any electrical distribution panel and make ordinary circuits smart. Our hardware/software systems enable responsive load management that can adjust automatically to storage status, demand limits, and much more.

The first step is to conduct a smart home analysis. Similar to an electrical plan, this will illustrate specifically how the home can easily connect all the devices together to participate in smart grid infrastructure. The second step is to identify and install the best solutions to maximize the home's optimal performance.

smart home residential

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