EV Smart Charging

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Upgrade your home functionality with smart energy management

Smart energy management allows you to balance energy usage in your home by automatically shifting loads based on demand. This allows you to monitor, manage, and adjust energy consumption and provide optimal demand response, avoiding peak pricing charges. SmartElek integrates information from the electric grid, data from grid charging infrastructure, and parameters set by you to create a personalized smart charging profile that manages your energy flows so you can relax.

Smarter, safer, more reliable charging

SmartElek allows you to optimize and stabilize energy flow within a balanced grid while ensuring more reliable service and better power quality. SmartElek automatically tests the connection between your car and the device before charging begins and monitors charges for any unusual activity. It also includes automatic failsafe mechanisms. 

The compact yet powerful design provides fast and reliable plug-and-go charging. It’s simple to install and allows for portable or fixed installation. With automatic Level 1 and Level 2 operation, SmartElek is easy to use, maintenance-free.

Optimize your home’s energy utilization

SmartElek enables near real-time load balancing. With a self-balancing smart system, SmartElek ensures your vehicle is charged on time while saving costs whenever possible.

With charging time optimization, SmartElek balances the supply and demand of electricity and lowers the need for electricity generation by scheduling charging to take place during low electricity consumption hours, increasing your value per charge while also balancing the electricity grid.

Integrate cutting edge EV smart charging technology into your home

Our cutting-edge cloud-based management platform leverages advanced energy management and demand response to auto-shift charging loads, optimizing charging infrastructure and efficiently distributing available power.

SmartElek offers bidirectional charging, sometimes referred to as V2G (vehicle-to-grid) or V2H (vehicle-to-home), allowing stored electricity to flow into and out of EV batteries. Energy companies may start offering incentives to EV drivers to use their car batteries as temporary power reserves and selling energy back to the grid could be a great source of extra income for EV owners.

By installing SmartElek, you also qualify for many state and federal tax incentives, rebates, and grants related to EV/EVSE.

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