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Increase Energy Savings with Remote Management

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By inventorying appliances, we can illustrate a plan to connect your devices together to create a smart-grid infrastructure. Our team will recommend technologies that meter, control, and optimize both energy and water resources to maximize the home's performance and investment.


Our expert technicians start by connecting smart devices with clean energy sources, such as solar and batteries. Devices like heaters or pool pumps without connectivity can then be inspected and connected via a smart load controller to make it smart. The connection process is complete when all devices are communicating together on one smart platform.


We provide intelligent control to any electrical distribution panel and make ordinary circuit breakers smart. The combination of smart electrical distribution panels, smart plugs, smart load controllers, smart lighting, and smart thermostats provides total control anytime, from anywhere.


Our hardware and software systems enable responsive load management that can adjust automatically to solar power conditions, storage status, demand limits, utility "time of use," and much more. These functions increase energy and water efficiency, providing more energy savings.


Temperature Control


Smart Appliance

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