The solar panel system has been a popular option for residences that want to make significant electricity savings. These panels are installed over a residential property’s roof and can last for around 25-35 years. That is 2-3 decades of energy savings to benefit from. However, this long time poses another question to homeowners. How about the condition of their roof? Will it be able to hold the solar panels for that long? Do they need to get a roof replacement for solar panels?

3 Commonly Asked Solar and Roof Questions

This article will answer the common questions homeowners have about solar panels and roof replacement, including whether or not you need a roof replacement for solar panels.

1. Why Should You Use Solar Panels?

Let us begin by telling you why acquiring solar panels will be beneficial for you. First things first, solar panels are not a cheap investment. On average, they will cost around $15,000-$25,000. The initial setup price may look overwhelming and unreasonable for some. However, if you consider the long-term savings you will get from them, you will immediately see the value it will bring into your home. To put it simply, they can pay for themselves if you keep them for at least a couple of decades.

Here is a quick list of the benefits of having residential solar panels:

  • Solar power produces energy you can use for your home, allowing you to decrease or eliminate your electric bill.
  • It works well in areas that get a lot of sunlight.
  • The government offers incentives to people who install solar panels on their homes and use solar energy as their alternative energy resource. Some are in the form of a cashback, assisted permits, or an exemption from property taxes.

2. Do You Need a Roof Replacement for Solar Panels?

Roof replacement is not a requirement, but you might want to do a roof inspection first before you have your solar panels installed. This step is crucial if you think your roof is nearing its end life, your roof may be needing a replacement in the next 10 years or so, or if you need the assurance that your roof will be able to hold up to the effort.

Simmitri is a solar company that also offers roofing services. We are a proud GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor that delivers the industry’s strongest roofing warranty. In case your house needs reroofing, it will be done before, or at the time you will have your new solar installation.

Having solar panels on a roof replacement will make your roof last longer. In fact, there is a high chance that you will not need to reroof again until you replace your solar system. This approach will help you save money in the long run, both on maintenance and energy consumption.

On the other hand, having your solar panels installed before a roof replacement will require you to provide the added cost of labor in removing and repositioning them while the reroofing process takes place.

3. Can You Use Solar Panels as a Roof?

Using solar panels as your roof is not recommended. A house’s roof serves many functions that solar panels cannot do on their own.

If you want a solar panel alternative that can act as your roof, you can try using solar shingles instead. These shingles can replace your roofing materials but still with the solar panel’s capabilities. However, this option can be costly and not a good fit for every house, but it means you will not be spending separately on new roofing materials and solar panels.

Meanwhile, solar panels are less expensive, and they are easier to install. Assess which one is best for your needs before you decide on which one to get.

ConclusionDo You Need a Roof Replacement for Solar Panels

If you decide on getting solar panels for your home, you also need to consider your roof. Thinking about a roof replacement for solar panels is a good first step, and important to consider, when looking into a solar energy solution for your home. You are lucky if your house will not need any roof replacement soon, but if you do, it is best to learn about the different types of solar panels and their cost implications before you proceed with the installation.

Are you planning to get residential solar panels? Get in touch with Simmitri for energy and roofing solutions. We offer various solar, roofing, and energy management services, including a warranty. At Simmitri, we give our clients ease and peace of mind during the entire process and beyond. Get in touch with our team today!

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