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Services For Danville Residents

Our Energy Solutions Are Geared Toward Ensuring A Cleaner Future

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Oakland and San Francisco, Danville is a wonderful little town that somehow managed to avoid the influx of tourism that California experiences nearby. That being said, Danville has so much to offer those living in and around the area.

And one thing all home and business owners in Danville have in common?

They all have a roof over their heads!

Sure, that may sound like a given, but most people never think about their roof until a problem starts to show itself. If you’re interested in adding solar to your home or business, ensuring a durable roof is the first step. Lucky for you, we’re experts in roofing, solar, and energy management services. Read more below!

“The Simmitri team are very professional and know this field very well. They helped my facility get our solar panels back online with no issue. Great customer service and great people to work with!”

Robert F.

Our Value-Focused Services For Danville Residents

We’ve been the go-to choice for solar, roofing, and energy management services in the Danville area for over 30 years (read more about Our History). We have carefully chosen the products we wish to offer to ensure they work flawlessly together like a well-oiled machine. While you may not need all the services we offer, we will indeed have something for everyone.

Residential & Commercial Solar

If you’re an environmentally conscious person, want to reduce your reliance on the main power grid, or simply want to reduce operating costs — our solar energy systems are for you. We have been installing our revolutionary solar panel systems for Danville residents since 2009 and have become the longest-running solar and roofing company in the area.

Our efforts towards optimizing a home or business’s “green level” don’t start and end with solar panels. We implement a long list of energy-saving devices, technologies, and best practices to reduce the carbon footprint wherever possible.

Learn more about our Residential Solar and Commercial Solar services.

Residential & Commercial Roofing

Way back before we were Simmitri Solar, we used only to offer roofing services and quickly earned the Triple Excellence Award from GAF for our impeccable installations. Soon after, we were inducted into the GAF President’s Club and ranked as Master Elite Roofers.

We still offer those same exceptional roofing services today for Danville home and business owners while using industry-leading products every step of the way.

Our GAF Lifetime Roofing System offers enhanced curb appeal, energy efficiency, custom-designed gutters and gutter guards, and much more. Your Danville home or business will be a money-saving machine with our many energy-saving features to choose from.

Learn more about our Residential Roofing and Commercial Roofing services.

Residential & Commercial Battery Storage

Once your roof is deemed suitable for solar, it’s time to figure out how to store all the energy you draw from the sun. Our state-of-the-art battery storage system utilizes ethically-mined lithium iron phosphate batteries, the safest batteries available for Danville residents.

Reliable power when you need it most — that’s the Simmitri guarantee.

Learn more about our Residential Battery Storage and Commercial Battery Storage services.

Residential & Commercial EV Smart Charging

Our state-of-the-art EV Smart Charging units can be completely monitored and controlled via mobile device with brilliant software that includes fail-safe measures, energy usage control, and much more. Home and business owners can benefit from having one or more EV Smart Charging units. From a business standpoint, giving customers a place to charge their cars while shopping, for example, will encourage them to spend more time in your establishment.

Learn more about our Residential EV Smart Charging and Commercial EV Smart Charging services.

Smart Home Solutions

After a comprehensive assessment of your Danville home, our team will begin designing and custom-building products to meet your needs. Our Smart Home Solutions entail every trick, tip, and service under our umbrella of talents aimed toward improving a home’s energy efficiency.

Learn more about our Smart Home Solutions.

Commercial Energy Management

Don’t let power outages and increased rates stop you from running a successful business — get ahead of the problem now and reap the benefits for many years to come. By understanding your business’s personal needs and intricacies, we can devise a foolproof plan for a greener tomorrow while monitoring the day-to-day details.

Learn more about our Commercial Energy Management.

Corporate Energy Services

We help businesses seamlessly leverage programs and government incentives to get the most out of the energy-efficient technologies they have implemented. Helping small business owners get the best ROI possible is an imperative part of our corporate energy services.

Learn more about our Corporate Energy.

“Simmitri was professional, responsive, and did a high-quality job. I shopped around before deciding which company to use for our solar panel job, and this company blew away the others. They are actual solar nerds — not just looking for a sale — which is what I was looking for. I highly recommend them.”

Brian R.

Why Danville Residents Choose Simmitri
For Their Roofing And Solar Needs

There are many reasons to choose Simmitri for your solar and roofing needs — here are the top six!

Personalized Customer Experience: At Simmitri, we treat every customer that walks through our door like family — not just another paycheck. We’ll happily listen to your needs during every phase of your renovation project to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Learn more about our Personalized Customer Experience

Modern, Cutting Edge Products

Not only do our high-end products meet the energy demands of Danville residents, they typically overperform by up to 30%.

Learn more about our Modern, Cutting Edge Products

Custom, Detailed Workmanship

Instead of offering generic products that every other contractor provides, we take a different approach by custom-building one-of-a-kind products that you can’t find anywhere else.

Learn more about our Custom, Detailed Workmanship

Seasoned, Professional Service

Over 30 years of experience in solar and roofing has given us more than enough time to be the absolute best at what we do.

Learn more about our Seasoned, Professional Service


Every employee who works for Simmitri operates within our core values — a crucial part of our company.

Learn more about how we are Mission Driven

Active Community Involvement

Our mission is to provide a cleaner tomorrow for all Californians, no matter what it takes.

Learn more about our Active Community Involvement

“As a Board Member and homeowner in a large townhome community, I couldn’t be more impressed with Simmitri. On every level, they’ve been great. The quality of work, knowledgeable staff, reasonable bid, and communication make working with Simmitri a great experience. It’s a relief to know there’s still a company that takes pride in their work and reputation. We absolutely recommend Simmitri.”

Eric P.

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If it’s finally time to replace the roof over your home or business, don’t wait! As the first line of defense, your roof plays a vital part in maintaining the structural integrity of the entire building. Our financing options make it quick and simple for anyone to start their next solar or roofing project.

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