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With Hollister being the largest city in San Benito County, many residents think about efficiency daily. Clean solar energy positively impacts the environment, your lifestyle, your home and/or business… and your wallet! Simmitri helps make it happen.

By offering comprehensive solar and roofing services, we ensure your asset is perfectly optimized for maximum performance without compromising curb appeal. Simmitri is a local full-service energy management company that provides detailed, value-driven services for Hollister home and business owners.

“I just expanded my solar capacity and was impressed with Simmitri. I researched a bunch of companies and got bids from 3. I chose Simmitri based on their expertise, customer service, and price. They were wonderful. I highly recommend them.”

Edward E.

Our Services For Hollister Home & Business Owners

Hollister is a great, sunny, inclusive place to live and do business ! We’re very familiar with the area and love to do installations there. Customers like combining roofing and solar upgrades to get the most overall value. Not to mention it just makes the whole process easier!

Residential & Commercial Solar

Solar energy is one of the cleanest ways to produce large amounts of renewable electricity. We can take a large array of steps to lessen your carbon footprint. For many people, that begins with solar panels. Before suggesting solar panels, we’ll conduct a comprehensive inspection of the roof to ensure it can handle the extra weight. If not, we can fix that problem!

When you combine the positive environmental impacts with available incentives and deductions available to California residents, along with the added market value of your home/business — our solutions offer phenomenal ROI potential.

Learn more about Residential Solar and Commercial Solar.

Residential & Commercial Roofing

Not all roofs are guaranteed to withstand the sheer weight of solar panels and their components. Let our specialists take a look! In some cases, repairs can be made to existing roofs to accommodate solar panels, and in other instances, a brand-new roof is required.

We’ve assembled a superhero-like team of GAF Master Elite Roofers who are readily available to upgrade your home or business with their new Lifetime roofing system. Then, we can get straight to work installing your new solar system!

Learn more about Residential Roofing and Commercial Roofing.

Residential & Commercial Battery Storage

To reduce your reliance on the carbon grid as much as possible, viable battery storage is arguably an essential part of any solar system. Without reliable backup batteries, your harnessed power can go to waste. Or even worse — be unavailable when you need it most!

Our lithium-iron-phosphate battery storage systems provide convenient features such as the ability to adjust your energy usage during peak times of the day and conserve energy for when you need it most.

Learn more about Residential Battery Storage and Commercial Battery Storage.

Residential & Commercial EV Smart Charging

Our EV Smart Charging units are a convenient luxury for homeowners, business owners, and the customers and friends who get to use them.

Each Smart EV charging station can be controlled via smartphone to ensure a proper connection with the charged car, along with many other convenient, user-friendly features. As a business or homeowner, you can save money by charging vehicles using your personal smart charging station.

Learn more about Residential EV Smart Charging and Commercial EV Smart Charging.

Smart Home Solutions

Our specialists are the go-to experts for transforming any home into a green home. We hold our trade secrets close to our hearts but are happy to share them with Hollister residents. A cleaner tomorrow is a cause we can all support. Utilize our Smart Home Solutions to ensure every aspect of your home operates optimally and through clean energy.

Learn more about Smart Home Solutions.

Commercial Energy Management

Businesses in Hollister can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars each year on electric and utility costs alone, and we aim to bring that number down substantially. Commercial Energy Management services from Simmitri encompass our entire knowledge of energy-saving practices and products, which can be strategically implemented at scale.

Learn more about Commercial Energy Management.

Corporate Energy Services

If you’re looking to create a long-term relationship between you and your community, Simmitri is here to help. Our corporate consulting services help Hollister businesses connect with organizations in their community to aid in the fight for a cleaner tomorrow.

Learn more about Corporate Energy.

“We went with Simmitri because we needed a new roof, gutters, AND solar – they did it all. It’s been a year now, and everything is working great. I can check my solar panels on their app, and we are generating so much energy we cover our electricity costs 100% plus surplus. The customer service and attention we got were fantastic. They even modified the gutter system because my remodel was off schedule. The team at Simmitri is top-notch!”

Mike A.

Six Reasons To Choose Simmitri For Your
Solar & Roofing Needs In Hillsborough

Hollister home and business owners have a seemingly endless list of roofing contractors available, but how many offer long-lasting solar options along with their roofs? Well, we do!

You can head to the Our Reviews and Case Studies pages to see for yourself. They’re full of honest thoughts on who we are as a company and the value we deliver. Just in case you’re still on the fence, here are six reasons to choose Simmitri for your solar and roofing needs in Silicon Valley.

Personalized Customer Experience: No ask is too great regarding solar and roofing. If it’s possible — we’ll make it happen with a strong commitment to the details and value.

Learn more about our Personalized Customer Experience

Modern, Cutting Edge Products

Many Hollister residents learn about innovations in roofing and solar only after we’ve educated them on the subject, and that’s because we’re constantly staying on top of the industry.

Learn more about our Modern, Cutting Edge Products

Custom, Detailed Workmanship

Our roofing systems encompass much more than just pretty asphalt shingles. We can custom-build components for your roof to match your tastes and style preferences while keeping an eye on efficiency.

Learn more about our Custom, Detailed Workmanship

Seasoned, Professional Service

Our process has been polished through hard work for decades. We’re talking about thousands of successful projects, with each lesson learned along the way taken to heart.

Learn more about our Seasoned, Professional Service


You never know what to expect when undergoing a large project, such as a roof replacement with solar system upgrades, but we can plan for the hurdles that need bounding.

Learn more about how we’re Mission Driven

Active Community Involvement

Through our non-profit efforts, we can help families get back on the right track the way our community helped us when we were just starting.

Learn more about our Active Community Involvement

“Great customer service and quick turnaround time from the beginning to the end. The staff and the contractors are excellent, and I would highly recommend Simmitri to everyone. They went above and beyond to make sure everything came together. This is one of the best companies with which I have done business. Thank you for such amazing professionalism!!!’”

Thanh B.

Upgrade Your Hollister Home Or Business
With High-End Solar And Roofing Services

Our roofing, solar, and energy-management services are designed to work together to provide Hollister residents with maximum energy efficiency. While we offer each service individually for home and business owners, opting for the total package will yield the best results.

Are you ready to get started? Use our easy Online Solar Estimate tool, give us a call at (408) 779-3333, or use our nifty Contact Us form. We look forward to hearing from you!