Solar & Roofing Services – The Perfect Combo!
Custom-Designed For San Martin Residents

Transform Your Home Or Business While
Dramatically Increasing Efficiency

Transitioning to solar or replacing a home or business roof is a sizeable investment for most San Martin residents. Like you, we believe it should only need to be done once. Like you, we want to ensure your hard-earned money is well spent on long-term, high-performance solutions.

Modern roofing systems are an integrated mix of components — get one thing wrong or use cheap materials, and your entire home is at risk. And the same can be said for solar energy systems! Not only is your home at risk when choosing an underqualified roofing or solar installation team, but you’ll inevitably have to hire someone else to fix their mistakes.

We’ve been providing lasting-quality home improvement services to San Martin residents for nearly 30 years and have become the leading local experts to count on when it matters most. You can learn more by visiting the Our Story page.

“Very responsive and professional. I’ve used them for a couple of roofing issues over the years. Very knowledgeable and willing to explore various solutions to address my specific needs.”

Don S.

Our Services For San Martin Residents

Although we’re known as Simmitri Solar, we used to go by ‘Affordable Roofing’ and specialize in roofing replacements. Once we added solar as the industry began to take off, we knew we’d change our company name to encompass our vision of a cleaner environment through the symmetry between roofing and clean energy systems.

The best way to describe how our services work together is — Simmitri! We offer the following services for San Martin home and business owners.

Residential & Commercial Solar

First and foremost, our solar services can almost eliminate your reliance on the conventional carbon power grid and fossil fuel systems. We set you up to capture the natural energy our sun provides and convert that power into electricity for your home or business. Solar panel systems were only for the extremely wealthy — well, not anymore!

With state/federal deductions and energy programs combined with our affordable financing options, solar energy is now feasible for just about everyone in northern California.

Learn more about Residential Solar and Commercial Solar.

Residential & Commercial Roofing

The roof over your home or business is the first Line of defense against the elements. Without a reliable roof, the entire structure is at risk. We all know the damage water causes once it finds its way through a roof, which is never pretty.

Roofing runs through our blood. We’re a family-owned and operated company and proud to be among the tiny circle of contractors nationwide who GAF recognizes as Master Elite. We can help you transform your roof into a money-saving machine with state-of-the-art energy-efficient technology.

Learn more about Residential Roofing and Commercial Roofing.

Residential & Commercial Battery Storage

Our smart lithium-iron phosphate battery storage systems put you in control of energy usage coming from your solar array. Lithium-iron phosphate batteries are not only highly reliable, but they have outstanding storage capacity and a higher discharge rate compared to other battery types.

We’ve integrated the best solar battery technology to optimize your home or business’s energy usage with ease, focusing on sustainability every step of the way. Plus, the lithium-iron phosphate batteries we utilize are guaranteed to be ethically sourced to ensure we’re part of the solution, not another problem.

Learn more about Residential Battery Storage and Commercial Battery Storage.

Residential & Commercial EV Smart Charging

Electric vehicle owners in San Martin love our EV Smart Charging units. Whether you have a single car or an entire fleet, we can outfit your home or business with our cloud-based platform that gives you control over scheduling charge times and monitoring charging speed.

Suppose you own a business requiring your employees to do a substantial amount of driving. In that case, EV vehicles are a great way to reduce operating costs, especially when you can charge all of your vehicles from one facility!

Learn more about Residential EV Smart Charging and Commercial EV Smart Charging.

Smart Home Solutions

As an energy management company, we have hundreds of tricks up our sleeves to greenify your home. Then we can put you in control of your microgrid through your phone.

Looking for a way to reduce your monthly energy costs as much as possible? We can make it happen! At Simmitri, our Smart Home Solutions are guaranteed to help reduce your carbon footprint and increase the amount of money in your pocket.

Learn more about Smart Home Solutions.

Commercial Energy Management

Every part of your business, big or small, requires energy to function. To keep the lights on, power the cash register, or manage your online store requires reliable power throughout the day. But all that electricity can start to take a toll on your margins!

Our Commercial Energy Management services will dissect your business to strategize the best long-term methods for running a green company. We monitor your business’s energy usage daily to formulate a comprehensive map that tells us what’s working and what can be optimized.

Learn more about Commercial Energy Management.

Corporate Energy Services

When you partner with Simmitri, you’re getting an extensive team of people dedicated to ensuring your San Martin business is making a positive impact in the community. Additionally, our ESG & CSR consulting services educate you on opportunities within your company for maximizing energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint on a larger scale.

Learn more about our Corporate Energy.

“We recently hired Simmitri to replace our roof and install solar panels. They were FABULOUS and PROFESSIONAL. Our salesperson was very patient with our questions and explained things well. Our project manager was excellent at informing us about what would happen and following up on our questions and minor issues. They did what they said they would do when they said they would do it. We HIGHLY recommend them. We wish everyone we worked with were as good as they are.”

Emily Y.

Why San Martin Residents Choose Simmitri For
Their Solar + Roofing Needs

The Bay Area and Silicon Valley have been home to our business and family for 30+ years. Planting our roots firmly in one amazing location allows us to understand the needs of San Martin residents better than any other massive state-wide or regional roofing and solar company in California. Fly-by-night contractors may promise low prices and quick turnaround times but rarely follow through.

Not only are we proven and here to stay, but we also focus each step of our process on customer satisfaction. So, if you’re on the fence about whom to work with on your solar and/or roofing project, here are a few reasons to choose Simmitri.

Personalized Customer Experience

Each home or business owner is unique, which is why we ensure experiences with us are unique! Of course, we have company standards and best practices, but at the end of the day, we work for people and our environment.

Learn more about our Personalized Customer Experience

Modern, Cutting Edge Products

There’s a reason we’re the most trusted solar and roofing company in California — we only offer products we’d use in our own homes.

Learn more about our Modern, Cutting Edge Products

Custom, Detailed Workmanship:

While most contractors rush through jobs for bigger paydays, we take a methodically slow and prudent approach and develop custom systems to match the specific needs of our customers.

Learn more about our Custom, Detailed Workmanship

Seasoned, Professional Service

We’ve been around long enough to know you get more flies with honey than with vinegar. By showing up to each job site in a professional and understanding mood, Simmitri staff feel more like family than service providers.

Learn more about our Seasoned, Professional Service


Our core values are our company’s amendments, which each employee, new or old, must live and work by. They move us. They drive us. And they continue to inspire us to do better, and better, and better.

Learn more about how we’re Mission Driven

Active Community Involvement:

Our community has always supported us throughout our many years in business, and we’ve made it our mission to give back in big-impact kinds of ways.

Learn more about our Active Community Involvement

“I just expanded my solar capacity and was impressed with Simmitri. I researched a bunch of companies and got bids from 3. I chose Simmitri based on their expertise, customer service, and price. They were wonderful. I highly recommend them.”

Edward E.

Call Simmitri For All Your Solar & Roofing
Needs In San Martin

Are you ready to make the jump to solar? We’re here to make that happen for San Martin residents! Whether your home or business is ready immediately for solar/roofing installation or you need an upgrade, we’ll get straight to work. You can get started through our Online Solar Estimate tool, by calling us at (408) 779-3333 or by using our Contact Us form! We look forward to hearing from you.