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Saratoga is a prime location for your home or business if you’re a nature lover . Located on the outskirts of San Jose, residents have easy access to the many parks, mountain ranges, and relaxing beach days without dealing with the hustle and bustle of a major metropolitan city.

Saratoga is also in a prime location for harnessing solar energy, with mountains blocking the majority of clouds coming off the ocean, keeping temperatures warm and sunny year-round. Utilizing solar energy in your home or business has an umbrella effect that positively impacts many aspects of your day-to-day and beyond.

Combine solar energy with our many other services for Saratoga residents, and you have a high-performance, successful combo.

“Really great communication throughout the entire process. Felt informed, educated, and in control of the process. Simmitri’s entire crew was efficient, friendly, and professional. Thank you!”

Thomas H.

Our Industry-Leading Services For Saratoga Residents

Often, folks choose Simmitri for our professionalism, attention to detail, and being a downright good neighbor — and Saratoga residents are no exception. When we get to a project site, we treat it as if we were walking on our mom’s property.

This level of respect for the work gives peace of mind to you and brings about better results. Each of our services for Saratoga residents is geared towards increasing energy efficiency, curb appeal and the value of any home or business.

Residential & Commercial Solar

While not everyone can afford the cost, space, or eyesore required to utilize wind energy in a home or small business, solar power is accessible . Our revolutionary custom solar panel and microinverter systems are designed specifically for our region of California and can easily be affixed to most roofs.

A comprehensive assessment of your home or business is required to be absolutely sure it can handle the excess weight of solar panels and their components. If not, we can fix that! Our highly-trained specialists are expert problem solvers, utilizing all means necessary to greenify your structure with clean solar energy.

Learn more about Residential Solar and Commercial Solar.

Residential & Commercial Roofing

Suppose your Saratoga home or business isn’t structurally capable of handling our solar energy systems. In that case, we’re experienced (decades), competent, licensed, and bonded to get your roof into tip-top shape.

We’ve been working with industry-acclaimed roofing manufacturer GAF since the beginning and were lucky enough to be one of the first contractors to achieve their GAF Master Elite status.

Our roofing systems are designed to maximize energy efficiency inside the home or business while being sturdy enough to handle as many solar panels and energy solutions as needed.

Learn more about Residential Roofing and Commercial Roofing.

Residential & Commercial Battery Storage

Our battery storage systems give you total control over your power. Your solar energy may be inconsistent or fail without adequate and reliable battery storage. And when you’re running a business, you need reliable power.

We’ll design your solar panel array to work in tandem with your battery storage system and connect you to the grid through software specifically designed for this purpose. Our lithium-iron phosphate batteries deliver top-notch results without the added stress of maintenance and space limitations.

Learn more about Residential Battery Storage and Commercial Battery Storage.

Residential & Commercial EV Smart Charging

For added convenience, our EV Smart Charging units allow home and business owners to charge as many electric vehicles as needed. While the average homeowner may only have one electric car, businesses with fleets of electric vehicles can save substantial expenses on third-party charging costs by having their own system.

And when the energy to power the EV Smart Charging unit comes from solar panels we’ve installed on your roof, the savings really start to add up.

Learn more about Residential EV Smart Charging and Commercial EV Smart Charging.

Smart Home Solutions

Our Smart Home Solutions are based on you and your home’s specific needs. We never come to your home with a set game plan or cookie-cutter systems to ensure your home is operating as green as possible. We assess your home and recommend repairs/upgrades we can prove will make the most significant difference in energy consumption.

Learn more about Smart Home Solutions.

Commercial Energy Management

When you hire Simmitri for our Commercial Energy Management services, you’re making a partnership for life to maximize your business’s energy efficiency. We monitor all the custom-built technologies we implement and maintain any solar or roofing system we install.

Learn more about Commercial Energy Management.

Corporate Energy Services

If sustainable investments and developing environmentally-friendly programs are your cup of tea, we’re the perfect choice for your Saratoga business. Our ESG and CSR consulting services help build lifetime relationships in your community while saving money along the way.

Learn more about Corporate Energy.

“We recently hired Simmitri to replace our roof and install solar panels. They were FABULOUS and PROFESSIONAL. Our salesperson was very patient with our questions and explained things well. Our project manager was excellent at informing us about what would happen and following up on our questions and minor issues. They did what they said they would do when they said they would do it. We HIGHLY recommend them. We wish everyone we worked with were as good as they are.”

Emily Y.

Why Saratoga Residents Choose Simmitri
For Their Solar & Roofing Projects

We’ve been blessed enough to be the trusted go-to source for everything solar and roofing in Saratoga and the surrounding areas since 1995, and we plan on staying put. Saratoga home and business owners have many options when choosing a solar or roofing contractor, but only one option if they want the best of the best.

Here are a handful of other reasons to choose Simmitri Solar for your next project:

Personalized Customer Experience

We put you first, the customer, before recommending how to upgrade your home or business. We tailor our services and customer experience to match your needs — not pad our margins.

Learn more about our Personalized Customer Experience

Modern, Cutting Edge Products

We only offer Saratoga residents the best possible products available, with no exceptions.

Learn more about our Modern, Cutting Edge Products

Custom, Detailed Workmanship:

Each home or business we work on receives a unique transformation that matches the owner’s needs. We create solar/roofing works of art that help improve energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

Learn more about our Custom, Detailed Workmanship

Seasoned, Professional Service

We’ve been in the game long enough to know that you only ever get as far as your reputation takes you. Decades have proven that fact.

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Our core values encompass the key characteristics that ensure Simmitri is a household name seen in a good, clean-energy light instead of darkness or negativity.

Learn more about how we are Mission Driven

Active Community Involvement:

Our commitment to bettering our communities doesn’t end after we’ve installed a new roof or solar panel system — it’s just the beginning.

Learn more about our Active Community Involvement

“As a Board Member and homeowner in a large townhome community, I couldn’t be more impressed with Simmitri. On every level, they’ve been great. The quality of work, knowledgeable staff, reasonable bid, and communication make working with Simmitri a great experience. It’s a relief to know there’s still a company that takes pride in their work and reputation. We absolutely recommend Simmitri.”

Eric P.

Upgrade Your Saratoga Home Or Business
With Simmitri’s Custom Solar + Roofing Services

Making the switch to solar has never been easier for Saratoga home and business owners. We will take every step necessary to ensure your new solar system is operating perfectly with your structure, even if that requires a new roof.

If you’re interested in reducing your negative impact on the environment, reach out to see how Simmitri can help! Call us at (408) 779-3333, use our Contact Us form, or get started with your Online Solar Estimate today.