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As a solar company, Simmitri offers the top solar panel technology for your home or commercial property. In addition, we have the best solar technicians in the area to ensure a smooth installation. Not only do we show up on time and get right to work, but we get to work with safety always at the front of our minds. You never have to worry about a hasty sloppy installation or a messy workspace when you choose our Simmitri Solar. We are committed to making you a loyal customer for life. We have one of the highest client referral rates due to our commitment to our clients. Whether you live in the Mountain View neighborhoods of Charleston Meadows, Willow Gate, Shoreline West, or Sterling Estates, we service all surrounding neighborhoods. Let Simmitri make a solar energy fan out of you. 



Our comprehensive approach to solar is based on our 27 years' experience in solar, roofing, and energy management. This solid background coupled with lifetime system monitoring gives Simmitri’s clients the best long-term performing solar solutions.


For greater efficiency and control, our Energy Management Services brings technology and analytics together to deliver you immediate cost savings.

Roofing Systems

We have been installing, repairing and maintaining roofs for over 25 years.  Rated a Master Elite Installer by GAF, we represent the top 2% of roofing contractors in the country

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Our team is ready to help you start producing solar energy.  We provide solar installation service in the Mountain View CA service area. 

  • Request a Solar Estimate

    The first step to ownership is understanding what you need and the cost and overall value new solar panels will bring to your property. Our Solar Estimate helps you understand the unique details of your solar installation for your property in Mountain View, CA. It also outlines additional options that you may want to consider. 

  • 0% Financing Option

    We help you get the best financing with the industry best terms.  Our friendly team will inform you of the current federal and state rebate programs to offset your solar installation costs to further add value and lower your cost of ownership. 

  • Your Solar Installed

    We collaborate with you to schedule a time and day to install your solar panels.  We respect social distancing at all times and we make the installation process as easy as possible.  


What our clients are saying...

"Simmitri has carried out the installation in the company for which I work and the energy savings that we have achieved and the environmental contribution that we all make are truly incredible. Plus they had the best warranty for both, the Golden Warranty."

Jennie G.
Mountain View, CA

"Simmitri are super responsible, they carry out a complete induction for the correct operation of the installed system, in addition to always answering any questions after installation. Jonathan was very knowledgeable in both roofing and solar."

Rebecca D.
Mountain View, CA

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The Simmitri Advantage

California Mountain View Solar Installation | Bringing more value to every customer and every project. 

Instant Value

The moment installation concludes, your energy cost-savings begins. Reducing your reliance on grid-power translates to savings you can measure.

No-Hassle Installation

Get everything you need and nothing you don't. You can expect to avoid upselling and unnecessary add-ons. We'll get you up and running in no time.


Each project is uniquely tailored to our customers and their homes in order to create the best energy solution every time.

The Extra-Mile

Our job isn't over until our customers are completely satisfied. We do whatever it takes to provide you with results you can get excited about.  

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