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Finding The Best Solar Roof Installer

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Find the Best Solar Roof Installation in San Jose CA

Do you feel like your PG&E energy bill keeps going up every month? It's because they are. PG&E rates increases are pushing more and more property owners to go solar.  Here at Simmitri, we provide professional solar installations to residents and commercial property owners all across the San Francisco Bay Area.  In San Jose, CA, we’ve built a reputation as one of the leading solar companies in Santa Clara County.

We offer no-hassle, customer-centric service built on reliability to our customers using high-quality solar products. You can trust Simitri Solar in San Jose, CA to provide your home with reliable solar energy for many years to come. Our experts are always ready to offer assistance in anything solar-related and answer any questions you may have.

Our process

  • Request a Solar Estimate

    The first step to ownership is understanding what you need, the cost and the overall value new solar panels will bring to your property.  Our Solar Estimate helps you understand the unique details of your property and solar panel installation.  It also outlines additional options that you may want to consider. 

  • 0% Financing Option

    We help you get the best financing with the industry best terms.  Our friendly team will inform you of the current federal and state rebate programs to offset your solar installation costs to further add value and lower your cost of ownership. 

  • Your Solar Installed

    We collaborate with you to schedule a time and day to install your solar panels.  We respect social distancing at all times and we make the installation process as easy as possible.  

Residential & Commercial Services

Solar Installation

Our comprehensive approach to solar is based on our 25 years' experience in solar, roofing, and energy management. This solid background coupled with lifetime system monitoring gives Simmitri’s clients the best long-term performing solar solutions.


For greater efficiency and control, our Energy Management Services brings technology and analytics together to deliver you immediate cost savings.

Roofing Systems

We have been installing, repairing and maintaining roofs for over 25 years.  Rated a Master Elite Installer by GAF, we represent the top 2% of roofing contractors in the country


What our clients are saying...

"Had an issue where a breaker fried right before thanksgiving (not an install issue, just got an unlucky/bad item).  They talked me through how to turn off the solar, then came out the very next day and replaced the breaker. Got me up and running ASAP for a wonderful thanksgiving..."

Ray H.
San Jose, CA

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San Jose California Solar Installation by Simmitri

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We are the best solar company choice for your solar roof installation in San Jose, CA

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