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Being a Simmitri Share the Light Ambassador allows you to earn substantial money while making a positive impact locally and globally!

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A word from our CEO, Jonathan Garcia

About Simmitri’s Share the Light program:

Share the Light aims to impact lives through our business. We are committed to broadening our impact in our local community and beyond. We aspire to do this by restoring the balance of power to those who are in need and serving as a catalyst for a brighter future.

This is accomplished by involving our full-value chain: manufacturers, suppliers, partners, non-profits, and even customers we work with to reduce carbon emissions and/or land-fill waste while providing energy and roofing solutions.

What Share the Light means to me: There are many people that have issues with finding the means to cover their basic needs, yet I am blessed to have everything I need. I feel a level of responsibility and want to share my abundance with others.

Discover How Simmitri is "Sharing the Light"

About Simmitri

Simmitri's Mission:

We CARE (Constant and Relentless Empowerment). Simmitri empowers our customers, employees, and partners to operate from a Holistic mindset in all aspects of life. We inspire good stewardship of our earth through responsible business practice, clean energy, and positive community engagement.

Simmitri’s Values:

For 28 years, we have always worked with integrity and compassion. Our mindset of generosity and innovation has transformed lives and given the gift of lasting change through energy efficiency and the power of the sun.

Simmitri Gives Back:

Share The Light introduces new ways to connect and strengthen the fabric of the communities we serve by donating solar power systems and new roofs to those individuals or critical community programs most in need.

Simmitri will be actively engaged with local communities to share sustainability education and action for the greater good, to positively impact lives with long-lasting effects. These efforts will not only help monetarily but will also educate on the importance of reducing carbon emissions. This will serve as inspiration for more people, young and old, to “Share the Light” and facilitate good stewardship of our earth.

Simmitri will continue to select individuals and organizations to support through our humanitarian and sustainability programs throughout the year. Through Simmitri’s Share the Light program we’re paying it forward by keeping the torch burning now and for future generations.


Simmitri’s Non-Profit Educational Branch

Simmitri has partnered with The Green Design Center, a California 501-C3 non-profit, committed to providing resources and services to individuals and organizations that encourage sustainable living. Simmitri believes in The Green Design Center's mission; to educate, mentor, and encourage sustainable living in local communities and beyond.

Click here to support the Green Design Center's mission

For every Solar Energy System that Simmitri installs, $300 will go to the Green Design Center!


Past "Share the Light" Community Projects

Kampala, Uganda-11 April 2007. The way people life in Uganda.

Simmitri donated solar panels to a village in Africa so children could continue reading at night.

Depositphotos_car mechanic students

Gilroy, CA
Simmitri donated a new roof to keep the Gilroy High School auto mechanics program alive.

share the light

Morgan Hill, CA
Simmitri worked with Habitat for Humanity by donating to help the elderly maintain their homes.

Causes We Support

Rebuilding Together

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How can I help?



Can offer a tax-deductible donation to the Green Design Center, Simmitri's non-profit partner


Sign up to become a Simmitri ambassador. Receive incentives and unlimited $500-$1000 referral bonuses while making a bigger difference!


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Can offer a tax-deductible donation to the Green Design Center, Simmitri's non-profit partner


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