Control Your Energy, Layer In Smart Automations,
And Dramatically Increase Home Efficiency

A smart home is a much more energy-efficient home customized around you and your lifestyle. It’s a home that conserves energy and uses it wisely while keeping everyone inside entertained, extra-comfortable, and secure.

At Simmitri, we help people across the Bay Area and coastal Monterey Bay to integrate technologies that connect their appliances, automate specific tasks, program actions throughout the day and night, and put complete energy control at your fingertips. Even the feeling, or vibe in every room, can be optimized with the touch of a button.

It’s a comprehensive home energy solution that ties everything together under one umbrella.

We can also integrate control into any electrical distribution panel and make ordinary circuit breakers smart. Our hardware/software systems enable responsive load management that can adjust automatically to storage status, demand limits, and much more – meaning more energy efficiency and savings for you!

From smart home solutions and Solar Energy Systems to Roofing Services, Battery Storage, and EV Charging Stations, we believe in doing everything we can to help you create balance. We believe in upgrading your home the RIGHT way and delivering real, long-lasting clean-energy VALUE:

  • 24/7 Mobile App Monitoring
  • Maximize Efficiency & Savings
  • Enjoy The Simmitri Guarantee
  • Award-Winning 5-Star Service
  • Improve Your Home Security
  • Whole-Home Automation
  • We Also Do Solar & Roofing
  • Manage Your System Anywhere!
About Simmitri

Bay Area Excellence

Solar, Roofing, And
Energy Management Solutions

Who is Simmitri? First and foremost, we’re a local family-owned company serving the Greater Silicon Valley area for nearly 30 years. Our mission is to transform our community’s important assets, homes and businesses, into energy-efficient, comfortable, and technologically-enriched resources.

We’re a committed customer-centric company with a holistic approach.

From our high-level corporate oversight to our experienced team of roof system technicians, energy advisers, operations/install personnel, project management professionals, sales consultants, and building performance analysts, we’re all passionate about engaging our customers in...energy management the way it should be done.

Our Process

Our Smooth Customer-Centric Process

Tier 1 Results For Bay Area Homes | Personalized 5-Star Service

A Whole Home Assessment

Our first step is to conduct a complete, A-to-Z, and professional smart home analysis. Similar to building a detailed electrical plan, we’ll specify exactly how your home can easily connect all your devices and then participate in your new smart grid infrastructure. Learn more about our Seasoned, Professional Service.

Plan & Design Your System

After we understand your home’s energy plan and your lifestyle, we’ll lay out all the required technical parts and devices. We’ll then recommend technologies that meter, control, and optimize energy and water resources to maximize performance and investment. Delve into our Cutting-Edge Smart Systems.

Installation & Full Home Integration

Now we set up your network and connect it to clean energy – solar & batteries. Then we program everything to work seamlessly and integrate mobile app control. The connection process is complete when devices are communicating on one smart platform. Check out our Custom, Detailed Workmanship.

Simmitri app on iPadSimmitri App 2.0 Coming Soon

The Simmitri App

Putting The Sun’s Power At Your Fingertips

We’re committed to your success. This is why we built and continue to improve our mobile application. With it, you can harness and control your new smart home system from…just about anywhere! Throughout your project, it will act as a command center keeping you updated and informed in real-time every step of the way, as well as housing all your documents and media files.

Once your project is complete and your system is running, you’ll be able to monitor your usage, track production levels, maximize efficiency, review annual reports, and much more!

It’s a lot of empowerment packed into one convenient app.

Service Areas

Serving The Greater Bay Area, Silicon Valley, & Monterey Bay Coastal Cities

  • San Jose (Headquarters)
  • Santa Clara
  • Morgan Hill
  • Gilroy
  • Campbell
  • And more…