Holiday home maintenance can become a weeks-long process if you aren’t getting ahead of the season. From preparing your home to receive guests, reinforcing your HVAC system, and cleaning out leaf-clogged gutters, there is a lot on a homeowner’s plate come the ‘ber months.

For solar customers, keeping generators in-check might require a few additional steps. Many will choose to do without holiday maintenance, resulting in costly repairs and skyrocketing energy costs. Avoid shelling out for more than you have to by considering the following best solar practices.

6 Tips to Maintain Your Solar Energy System

The following tips are designed to help you with maintaining your solar energy system. Here’s how you can ensure your equipment is able to perform at its peak:

1. Clear Out Build-up and Debris

As the seasons change, so does the level of yardwork. Dried leaves and pinecones are an unsightly addition to your roof and gutters—and they also spell trouble for your solar system. Avoid issues caused by debris and nesting critters by clearing up every nook and cranny. Blockages can become more troublesome than you might anticipate!

2. Clean Your Panels

When maximizing solar production, you can’t overlook regular cleaning. If you’re working with dirty panels, you decrease power output by as much as 30%, which can make a significant impact on your energy bills.

For most areas of the country, the best time to facilitate residential solar cleaning is during the spring and autumn seasons as it’s nearly impossible in the winter when having to contend with snow and ice. For areas that drop down below freezing, clearing out these obstructions will require hot water, and much like your car windshield on a cold day, hot, or even warm, water will create cracks if in contact with cold glass. Fortunately for residents with solar energy systems in the Bay Area, snow is not an issue, gaining another season to perform maintenance.

Additionally, you can’t rely on rain to wash away build-up. By getting your solar panels cleaned professionally, you increase productivity by up to 12%. Depending on your home’s size and overall electrical usage, this could create a significant impact on your energy bills.

3. Get Routine Inspections

Schedule your routine inspection before the winter season hits. That way, you have ample room to identify and repair system malfunctions. Correcting wiring and connectivity problems will take time—so you’ll want to have enough of it.

4. Be Frugal with System Production

Naturally, solar production will dip during the winter months, though reliable systems will account for total annual usage. Thus, whatever you rake up in the summer will likely satisfy electrical needs in the winter.

5. Trim Nearby Trees

The shade is the ultimate form of sun blockage and a solar panel’s worst enemy. Remember, solar panels harbor energy via grouped cells that increase voltage. If your panel is partially shaded, the entire module will convert less energy.

During the winter, opt to reposition your panels away from infrastructural barriers such as chimneys or satellites. Trim large, billowing trees to allow natural sunlight to come through.

6. Orient Your Panels Appropriately

The angle in which you position your panels is just as imperative as where you place them. During peak power demands, set your panels to absorb as much sunlight as possible. In San Jose, this means facing your panels towards the south-west.

Conclusionsolar energy system

As the winter season looms ahead, you should prioritize servicing your solar energy system to provide optimal efficiency, comfort, safety, and cost-effectiveness. By taking simple steps towards keeping your system clean and unobstructed, you can enjoy lower utility bills come the following year.

At Simmitri, we oversee your solar installation through knowledgeable eyes and a desire to fulfill individual needs. Beyond the initial installation, we make sure to keep in touch with clients who aim to maximize the productivity of their solar energy system. Get in touch with us today.

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