It’s undeniable; solar power is lighting not just our homes but also the world! For every discovery, there are always great minds thinking about how this can be brought to a higher level. The sun’s energy is now harnessed in various exciting ways and is expected to provide more benefits in the near future.

Revolutionary Solar Innovations

The following are five of the most promising solar innovations that can change the world:

1. Improved solar efficiency

First up on our list of solar innovations is the constant improvements to efficiency. Currently, the majority of solar generators have the ability to convert up to 23% of sunlight into electricity. But in the case of the Swedish company Ripasso Energy, they claim that they can convert 34% of the sun’s power into energy using their gadget. This is why it is dubbed as the world’s most efficient solar electricity system. Various independent tests revealed that a single Ripasso dish could produce 75 to 85 zero-emission megawatt-hours of electricity per annum, enough to supply power to 24 typical homes in the UK.

2. Battery technology that is effective yet more affordable

Battery storage can fundamentally change how the world we live in utilizes energy without damaging the environment. Now, homes and businesses can store excess power that is generated during the day to provide a constant supply of energy regardless of the weather or time of day.

For homeowners who don’t have the financial capacity for photovoltaic panels, some have found that their best option is community solar. This is essentially any solar project that benefits more than one household or business and often involves generating offsite power. Multiple properties then share power from the centralized source and pay for a price that’s lower than what is normally paid to their utility.

3. Portable solar provides light to other parts of the world

Solar power is not only captured and kept in the panels on your rooftops. It can also be used to serve as an alternative to traditional energy sources like fossil fuel generators. Solar power has also been used during calamities and catastrophes.

For example, after the devastating earthquakes that greatly affected Nepal, the solar company Gham Power brought to the area several solar power systems to aid in mobile charging and power lights stations for victims and relief workers. Also, in Haiti, the nonprofit organization named Field Ready tried to use the solar-powered 3D-printer to create a full range of simple yet life-saving medical supplies at reasonable costs.

4. Solar desalination

In various countries that are often experiencing dry climates, there is always hope that intelligent minds will be able to solve their problem of not having fresh water. Just recently, a group from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with Jain Irrigation Systems, has established a method of converting brackish water into safe drinking water using a solar-powered machine. This works by removing the salt from the water. Then, with the help of ultraviolet rays, the water is disinfected. With some regions of the planet having no clean water sources, such a technology can be the answer to their problems.

5. Solar-powered transportation

Whether traveling via road or air, solar-powered technology is definitely going the distance. The first solar airplane, the Solar Impulse 2, successfully sustained flight at night with a pilot on board and is currently making history because of its round-the-world trip, using the power of the sun.

On the other hand, SolaRoad in the Netherlands was considered the first “solar road.” It amazes the world with its generated 3,000 kWh of power, sufficient to provide a one-person household with an electricity supply for a year. Considering it’s a 230-feet bike path only, the technology is massively promising, like the photovoltaic technology itself.


The world is abundant with resources that can help us improve our lives to be better. The sun’s energy, for example, is providing us with solar innovations that can change the future. We need to keep ourselves updated on utilizing these innovations properly and helping each other in energy management.

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