“Green” Your Brand

Survive & Thrive In Our Quickly Evolving World

Simmitri is helping to close the gaps between corporations and government, and minority/diversity-owned suppliers. In fact, we’re very lucky to be associated and supported by two of the world’s top CSR and sustainability consultants, as well as Apple, who are all echoing in unison the dire need for these solutions.

Simmitri specializes in providing proven roadmaps to help Bay Area companies solarize and go green by weaving ethical governance, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility throughout their operations. Together we can create a resilient, healthier, and more successful business with strong branding backed by a highly-motivated, productive workforce.

Need to incorporate green/sustainable businesses into your supply chain to reach aggressive carbon neutrality goals (some coming as soon as 2030)? Simmitri’s combination of products and services start with our core of roofing and solar services, then move to encompass the consulting arena of sustainability + minority/diversity side.

Sustainability Consulting

Explore And Score Your Environmental, Social, & Governance Performance

Simmitri collaborates with leaders in North California's sustainability consulting space, having worked with a versatile range of brands to improve how they interact with their customers and our environment. After speaking with global supply chain leaders like Apple, Boeing, Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, Salesforce, Nissan, Sysco, Kimberly Clark and more in DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) and sustainability, we know they deeply care, but don't know how to get there quickly enough.

On average, 60% of a company's carbon footprint originates in its supply chain of manufacturers and global providers. Most large business entities in both private and public sectors are missing incremental sustainability targets because they can't Green their supply chain (or themselves) fast enough. As a long-standing roofing and solar energy provider, we’re paving the way. Dramatically transform your impact by accessing Simmitri’s community engagement programs!

  • Become Sustainability Champions
  • Responsible Donations & Write-Offs
  • Company-Wide EV Charging
  • Comprehensive Smart Tech
  • Dramatically Reduce Risk
  • Heighten Employee Loyalty
  • Improve Business Productivity
  • Put Your Brand Into Overdrive

CSR Solutions

Improve Your Local Community, Economy, & Environment

The carbon economy is now high-risk. For companies still deeply entrenched, adapting to the green economy can bring uncertainty. Simmitri provides a roadmap and a plan you can execute to electrify and solarize, as well as adopt renewable energy sources and sustainability practices.

We help companies generate social and environmental value to align their green brands and facilitate growth. As the demands of our government and people continue to evolve, Simmitri specialists help you effectively address concerns while integrating CSR and governance solutions for enhanced sustainability, reduced risk, and meeting objectives. Don’t be left behind, be a socially-responsible leader in your space!

  • Gain Market Share
  • Engage Employees
  • Raise Investment Capital
  • Battery Storage & Resilience
  • Establish Micro-Grid Tech
  • CSR Roadmap Templates
About Simmitri

Discover More About Simmitri

28+ Years Of Committed, Dedicated Service

Simmitri is proud to be a customer-centric Bay Area company with a unique holistic approach to optimizing homes and businesses for today…and the future. Since 1995, our team has demonstrated to thousands of satisfied customers expertise in designing and installing commercial solar energy, roof, and modern energy management solutions.

Through our commercial and residential services, community programs, non-profit work, and efforts to Restore The Balance Of Power to consumers (decentralized; away from Big Solar), we’ve become a clear leader by earning an integral and trusted position in California’s solar industry.

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Serving The Greater Bay Area, Silicon Valley, & Monterey Bay Coastal Cities

  • San Jose (Headquarters)
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