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The Rose Project

Our team had the pleasure of working with Dale Rose and Michaela Parks to install solar.

Simmitri Solar serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

Very professional team from start to finish! After meeting with a few different roofing and solar companies, it was an easy choice to move forward with Simmitri's solar roof program. Their team was easy to work with and kept me updated every step of the way. Beautiful new roof with a 25-YEAR labor warranty (that is not a typo), gutters, and a solar system that eliminates my PG&E bill! Give them a call.

Jason D.

I probably sound like a commercial. But of all of the contractors, I've had at my house - and there have been plenty - [Simmitri] is the ONLY one that I'd refer to a friend."

Joel V.

If you are looking for solar, roof, or gutter option look no further to Simmitri. They have provided all 3 services in my home and I am extremely happy with their service. They will take care of all your needs and wants. Their team is highly professional and ethical.

Roshan L.

It's been a long time since I've had such professional work done and amazing service. They got the right financing program for my needs and the entire project was done in a very short time. Very responsive, clean job, and stellar communication by everybody across the company. I would recommend it to anyone who needs solar or roofing in the Bay Area.

Bernard L.

Simmitri has differentiated themselves by offering a comprehensive approach towards energy. We had been researching companies for a few months before scheduling a meeting with one of Simmitri's energy consultants. After meeting with him, we knew we didn't need to speak with anyone else. His approach was comprehensive advising us on ways we can decrease our energy footprint by looking at not only solar but sealing the house to lose less of the heating and cooling, evaluation of the ductwork to maximize the loss of heating, and sealing gaps. He was able to model in real-time if we wanted to add an electric vehicle or upgrade our old HVAC system to an electrical heat pump. No other company we met with was even close to this level of care and sophistication. If you want real solutions, Simmitri is the company.

Victoria W.

Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

Our team had the pleasure of working with the Gilroy Chamber to install new LED Lighting, HVAC optimization technologies & Solar System


I needed Simmitri to come back out to my home to replace a skylight. They came immediately and were very professional. I am completely satisfied with their customer care and quick communication!

Anica M.

Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] is my go-to roofing company. I rest assured knowing I will receive professional expert advice and execution from beginning to end. I appreciate their diligence in providing me with progress reports without my having to pick up the phone to ask. Thank you Affordable Roofing.

Marilyn W.

Simmitri provided us with a solution for all of our solar and roofing needs...Everyone at Simmitri was a complete joy to work with. Thank you Simmitri!

Kathy R.

Consummate professionals. I hired them to remove and replace my solar array when I needed a roof repair. They were quick with quote and explained all the details, gave a fair price, and worked very well with my roofer even though I was not using their roofing service (and the roofer ended up being way off his original time estimate). They returned calls in a timely manner, and and kept in touch with me about progress all through the job. I will be returning to them if I have need of solar panel work in the future.

Oren S.

I was referred to Simmitri by a coworker who had both solar and a new roof installed. I had met with another company prior to our meeting with Jonathan... what a difference. His level of professionalism and expertise in the area was amazing. He was not just there to make a sale, he wanted to also help my wife and me to understand why going solar has many benefits beyond the pocketbook. Just to be sure, I met with yet another company and was sold. Not only did we end up with a system that is excellent for our family's needs, producing well beyond the projections, but the price was excellent to boot! Furthermore, the turnaround time on the project was astounding. Work began a couple of weeks after agreeing to go with Simmitri and the roof was replaced and solar installed in a week.
Overall, if you are looking for solar, I could not recommend Simmitri enough.

Andrea N.

Marin City Townhomes

Our team had the pleasure of working with Eric Payne and the Marin City Townhomes board.


Jonathan and the Simmitri crew did a fantastic job with our roof and solar installation. It's a big job. We needed new connections to PG&E including a new high tension line installed between the poles on my property and next door (squirrels!!!). The roof install and solar went super well - Simmitri took care of everything, permits, inspections (and there were quite a few), plans etc. All of the crew were super professional, super clean and every day during the job our home was left clean. They even did a great job on the deck roof - hot tar and all. Overall it was a great experience!

Roger T.

The professionalism and work quality are outstanding.

Ramon G.

Now that we've had a taste of El Nino and some real storms, I'm ready to give a strong recommendation to Simmitri and especially technician Charlie Mayo. We had 4 roofing firms out to look at some roof leakage problems we've had for years. Charlie's diagnosis of the problem was completely different from all the other 3 - and the fix was much cheaper. He took pictures, did some analysis, got back to us promptly, then did the work quickly. And now we know it really worked - great job!

Rick H.

Very responsive and professional. I've used them for a couple of roofing issues over the years. Very knowledgeable and willing to explore various solutions to address my specific needs.

Manish S.

Amazing and efficient install. Great Smart home upgrade recommendation. Also, the Battery storage solution made a big difference for us during the recent outages.

Jay E.

I loved working with Simmitri. They are professional, answered all my questions, went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. They are affordable and have the golden seal of approval which makes me happy. They have to comply with the golden seal of approval to obtain this and they will come out and check the property to make sure it is up to their standards. I had no doubt they would be in compliance they are great to work with. We re-roofed 2 roofs on our commercial building and it was very affordable. I looked at 4 different companies and they had the best financing, best service, and best-looking roofs. I would definitely recommend them!

Megan B.

We received knowledgeable advice. The person we spoke to was very well informed which helped us make the decision to install the panels. Our goal was to have the panels installed before the new year for the tax advantage. With only a few weeks until the end of the year, they were able to expertly install the panels in time. We were kept informed every step of the way including scheduled meetings with the city's building inspector. We are very happy with the results!!!

Brian A.

Simmitri Inc. has a high quality of workmanship and great customer service. They respond in a timely manner and keep a professional relationship before, during, and after the project is done. 10/10 would rehire and recommend!

David G.

Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] is my go-to roofing company. I rest assured knowing I will receive professional expert advice and execution from beginning to end. I appreciate their diligence in providing me with progress reports without my having to pick up the phone to ask. Thank you Affordable Roofing.

Marilyn W.

I met with two other companies before deciding to go with "Simmitri for solar on our home. Their sales consultant came to our house and answered all of our questions and explained everything thoroughly. He made us completely comfortable with our decision to choose Simmitri. He was on time from the very first meeting, honest, knowledgeable, and responsive throughout the entire process. Any question I had was answered almost immediately, and if it wasn't answered right away, someone at least acknowledged that they were looking into it and got back to me. The communication is what made my experience with Simmitri exceptional, not to mention the solar looks great and is producing even better. I would highly recommend them, amazing product and amazing customer service!

Lisa B.

I am just in the planning and research stage of my solar project, but I had to review Simmitri because they have been so helpful and not pushy at all. Jason has been very patient and honest and extremely helpful. I have an electric car and when he learned about how high my electric bill was he gave me detailed advice about dealing with PG&E. I called PG&E and explained what was going on and learned that I qualify for a $500 rebate, which I already received! So I'm grateful to Jason and PG&E! We have a lot of shade and Jason has been great about explaining the limitations, but still offering us viable options. I really appreciate how he explains everything clearly. Some companies tell us to forget it altogether and others tell us to cut down the trees. We can't because they aren't our trees, plus, cutting down trees has a negative impact on the environment as well, obviously. Anyway, we'll be meeting with Simmitri soon and they've already won my trust!

Stephanie T.

I would give Pam Garcia 5 stars every time she and her staff (Charlie) come to help us with our roof. Not only are they extremely competent and knowledgeable but they are GREAT with customer service. Pam is active with the Gilroy and Morgan Hill Chambers of Commerce and year after year, they are commended as Master Elite Roofing contractors. I have recommended them over and over again to friends who have needed a new roof or to have their roof fixed. When it comes to Solar, Pam knows the technology behind the products and she is attentive to details for complete customer satisfaction.

Cheryl E.

This company is good and I'll tell you why. As usual, I get 3 bids for just about any work. Simmitri was by far the most responsive and easiest to deal with. They just have their act together and really seem to do their best to make a big job look easy. They seem to anticipate my questions and had the answers right away. They also show up on time when they say they will, which I'm sad to say is actually something apparently consumers can't expect much of anymore.

Samhain M.

Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] - professional from the first call to the folks who come out to help you understand whether or not your roof needs any repair. I've always felt they treat you according to how they would like to be treated - top of the line! They educate you about options for materials and pricing and are certified by industry watchdogs as the top of their field. Pamela and Rich Garcia, ethical owners who work their business! Don't worry about what your roof needs - call Affordable Roofing [Simmitri] and find out today!

Lynn W.

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