Solar energy has been a constant talk of the town for decades now due to its promising outcomes and advancements for residential and commercial establishments. It is a well-known energy and roofing solution that people worldwide can expect to benefit from for the years to come.

At present, plenty of projects relying on solar power prove to be better than fossil fuel consumption, especially when their costs are considered. If you’re hoping for a better future with lower pollution and better eco-friendly solutions, it’s about time you consider solar generators.

What You Should Know About Utilizing Solar Power for Your Home

Unfortunately, despite the length of time solar energy has been utilized, many people don’t know enough about it to consider using it in their homes. Keep reading below to find out some useful facts about utilizing solar power.

1. Solar Power Is the Most Prominent Energy Source in the World

Solar energy is known to be the most abundant source of power on the entire planet. Every hour, the Earth receives more than enough solar energy to cater to the needs of all human beings and living things that could last for a whole year.

Each lump of coal, amount of oil, and volume of natural gas could remain in the soil if people had the chance to secure an hour of residential or commercial solar energy every year. You can just imagine the possibilities if more homeowners started utilizing solar power!

2. Solar Energy Is More Affordable Than Fossil Fuel

Installing solar panels is an affordable roofing solution as compared to consuming different fossil fuels.

When you choose to purchase a solar power supply for your home, you can expect the solar energy you consume to cost 4.3 cents per kilowatt-hour. While the most affordable kind of fossil fuel is natural gas, its price ranges from 4.2 to 7.8 cents per kilowatt-hour. As a result, solar energy comes out more cost-efficient than coal, diesel, nuclear power, and natural gas.

3. Solar Installation Prices Have Gone Down Since the 1970s

Back in the days—1977, to be exact—when homeowners opted to get solar panels installed onto their roofs, a solar cell used to cost around $77 per wattage. That’s why not everyone looked forward to using a solar power generator due to the significant investment it holds.

But based on the 2017 Solar Market Insight Report of the Solar Energy Industries Association, at present, you can find a typical solar cell to cost $0.21 per watt. Meanwhile, a fully assembled module is priced at $0.39 per watt!


If you’re interested in utilizing solar power for your home, it’s best to know what you’re signing up for and the features that come with solar power integration into your daily routine. Besides doing your research and reading on the benefits of solar, remember the facts above to enhance your decision to let solar power change your life for the better!

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